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Wenzhou Changs Machinery Co.Ltd  is one of the first company specialized in manufacturing printing machines, packing machines,paper straw machine,plastic machine and paper converting machines,has owned export and import license since 2004.

To consider our full service convenience, we have set up service office and showing room at DRAGON-MART of Dubai to provide technical service for customers from Middle East and Africa in 2006, and also we have established technical support offices in Mexco, Egpty and Singapore, our service has satisfied with all of our customers. We enjoy sound reputation in oversea’s market and domestic.

To serve buyers the best machine and ensure our machines are with reliability quality, our factory employed skilled engineers and using advanced technology equipment, the raw material and components are carefully selected. meanwhile, we have built closely cooperative relationship with domestic colleges, universities and R&D institutes. Further on we have established a solid relationship with reliable equipment suppliers and our service team are got rich experience in the industry.

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product description

Single Color Silk Screen Printing Machine

Silk Screen Printing Machine Supplier_Silk Screen Printing Machine


1.High speed: It can printing 13m/min.
2.Accuracy: can printing 10 line at the same time (the fabric width :20mm)
3.with the sensor tracking it can printing second time .
4.Memory: Set-length, set-quantity & set-speed are not erased even if power off & on .
5.Automatic operation: It works autoally only by setting length and quantity
6.The machine employs the Japanese Panasonic Programmable controller(PLC) to make the circuit of the controller simple, reliable and stable
7.the drying system employs the hot plate and infrared ray drying
8.It is specially applied to printing the taping woven ribbons, rubber strips, woven marks, leathers, PVC, PC, PET, soft and hard film, various board, film, paper, etc
9.All sorts of different thickness of the material, the paper,board, high precision, fine flat screen printing. Cigarette, wine, tea, medicine and cosmetics packing,


Model MHS-126
Printing Area Area 260x400mm
Frame Size 430x600mm
Speed 13M/min
Power 220V/3.5KW
Weight 700kg
Dimension 1850x950x1350mm


SHR-650/850 4-Color cup paper printing machine

Silk Screen Printing Machine Supplier_Color cup paper printing machine


1. Adopt the anilox roller to spread ink.
2. Unwinding and rewinding are controlled by magnetic power brake, clutch, (or by automatic tension controller of mitsubishi, made in Japan).
3. Each printing unit adopt 360o for registration.
4. Each printing unit have one IR drier.
5. The rubber roller can break away automatically while parking, and running at a low speed, in order to avoid ink being dry.
6. The main motor is adopted the import stepless regulation of frequency conversion.
7. Unwinding, web guiding, corona discharging卢printing, IR drying and rewinding can be finished in one process, this is an ideal machine to print many kinds of paper cup.


Model SHR650-4 SHR850-4
Printing Speed 60m/min 60m/min
Printing Color 4 Colors 4 Colors
Max. Web Width 660mm 860mm
Max. Printing Width 650mm 850mm
Max. Printing Diameter 1400mm 1400mm
Max. Winding Diameter 1400mm 1400mm
Printing Girth 180-420mm 180-420mm
Registering precision 0.15mm 0.15mm
Thickness of paper 60-350gsm 60-350gsm
Dimensions(L*W*H) 3500x1650x2200mm 3500x1850x2200mm
Machine Weight About 3200kg About 3800kg