[2023-04-10] 【screen printing operation tutorial】 Can you do silk screen printing at home?
Last few weeks, my friend learned how to do screen printing at the exhibition. He had only heard about it before, but he did it once. Although there were many preparation steps, he found it very tiring and interesting. You can also make silk screen printing at home. screen printing. This article Silk screen printing machines manufacturer tells you 【screen printing operation tutorial】 how to screen print at home.
[2023-02-28] Description of the technological process of making paper cups by paper cup making machine
Paper cup making machine news catalog:Brief introduction of paper cup making machine,paper cup making machine classification,paper cup making machine process,paper cup making machine cam principle,Preparations for the paper cup making machine before starting and during production
[2023-02-20] The difference between flexo printing machine and offset printing machine and ordinary printing machine
What is the difference between a flexo printing machine and an offset printing machine?Flexographic printing machines generally refer to flexographic printing machines. The flexographic printing machi
[2023-02-16] How much is the T-shirt screen printing machine, how to use it, and how it works
How much is a T-shirt screen printing machine?The approximate cost of a T-shirt screen printing machine depends on the specific product. If the requirements are high, the equipment must be better and
[2023-02-06] Chinese screen printing machine manufacturer shares the assembly method of silk screen printing machine
The assembly method of the silk screen printing machine, the process steps of the screen printing process, and the process of the screen printing process is believed to be unknown to many friends, and
[2023-01-04] Answers to questions: how much does paper cup making machine cost
How much does paper cup making machine cost? How much is the automatic paper cup machine? How much does a paper cup machine cost? How much is a machine for making disposable paper cups?How much do you plan to invest based on your financial strength.
[2022-12-20] Which is better the gravure printing machine or the flexo printing machine
different craft:Flexo printing machine use fluid ink with strong fluidity, the ink is transferred to the graphic part of the printing plate by the ink fountain rubber roller and the anilox roller to make it inked, and then the printing pressure is applied by the pressure roller to press the printing plate The ink on the surface is transferred to the substrate, and finally the printing process is completed on the dry surface.
[2022-11-23] Preparations before starting the paper cup making machine and work precautions during production
Features of paper cup-making machine:Imported main materials, bearings, and torque are wear-resistant, and suitable for long-term high-speed operation.
[2022-11-16] What is the difference between a gravure printing machine and a flexo printing machine?
What is flexo printing machine?The printing color groups of the flexo printing machine are independent of each other and arranged in a horizontal line. The printing unit can be driven by a common transmission shaft between the units, or the printing unit can be driven by the independent transmission system of each unit.
[2022-11-09] How to choose the right t-shirt screen printing machine for your shop
Finding the right t-shirt screen printer can be overwhelming because of the overwhelming amount of information on the website, you can easily be confused by the sheer number of options. Fortunately, many buyers of shirt screen printing machines have gone through this process before. Here are the top six factors to keep in mind when choosing a t-shirt screen printing machine.
[2022-11-01] Screen printing machine knowledge: use, technology, price of the printing machine
What does a screen printing machine do?How Screen Printing Machines Work?What machine does screen printing transfer?How much is a screen printing machine? How much is a T-shirt screen printing machine? The patterns and fonts that we usually see in our daily life are printed by screen printing machines.
[2021-07-31] Knitting Bag Printing Machine Supplier
1. The counter can make the bell; 2. From 1500-3500 bars perhour,with stepless speed change;
[2021-07-31] Flexo Plate Making Machine Supplier
It is made of stainless steel in durability and won’t get rusty Adopted imported Philip specific printer lamp, Philip rectifier (frequency transforming type is good for registering)
[2021-07-31] Rotary Auto Lable Printer Manufacturer
Connecting rod ink distributing roller can run at a high speed with average distribution. With automatic oiling and transmission lubricating system, the machine has longer performance life.
[2021-07-31] Rotary Auto Lable Printer Supplier
Connecting rod ink distributing roller can run at a high speed with average distribution. With automatic oiling and transmission lubricating system, the machine has longer performance life.
[2021-07-31] Label Printing Machine Supplier
1. The crank rod-type inking system distributes inks reasonably, quickly and evenly. 2. Equipped with automatic oiling and lubrication system, the label printing machine has longer life and lower noise.
[2021-07-31] Flexo Printing Machine Supplier
The YT Series flexo printing machine is an ideal product for printing various packing materials, such as polyethylene, polyethylene plastic bag, glass paper and roll paper etc. It is also applicable in producing paper packing bag for food, supermarket handbag, vest bag and clothes bag, etc.
[2021-07-31] Silk Screen Printing Machine Supplier
To serve buyers the best machine and ensure our machines are with reliability quality, our factory employed skilled engineers and using advanced technology equipment, the raw material and components are carefully selected.
[2021-07-31] Screen Printing Machine Supplier Recommend
This machine is special for 1 color printing of soft tube, bottle cap and which is similar with the special plastics container. The Max printing speed is 4000pcs/ hour. This machine combine with: advanced PLC、touch operation screen and display control system、
[2021-07-31] Non-Slip Printing Machine Supplier
AMN-40 is solid color printing machine, which is improved from the old same products, the advantage is that the capacity gets improved and the appearance becomes more popular.