[2021-07-31] Knitting Bag Printing Machine Supplier
1. The counter can make the bell; 2. From 1500-3500 bars perhour,with stepless speed change;
[2021-07-31] Flexo Plate Making Machine Supplier
It is made of stainless steel in durability and won’t get rusty Adopted imported Philip specific printer lamp, Philip rectifier (frequency transforming type is good for registering)
[2021-07-31] Rotary Auto Lable Printer Manufacturer
Connecting rod ink distributing roller can run at a high speed with average distribution. With automatic oiling and transmission lubricating system, the machine has longer performance life.
[2021-07-31] Rotary Auto Lable Printer Supplier
Connecting rod ink distributing roller can run at a high speed with average distribution. With automatic oiling and transmission lubricating system, the machine has longer performance life.
[2021-07-31] Label Printing Machine Supplier
1. The crank rod-type inking system distributes inks reasonably, quickly and evenly. 2. Equipped with automatic oiling and lubrication system, the label printing machine has longer life and lower noise.
[2021-07-31] Flexo Printing Machine Supplier
The YT Series flexo printing machine is an ideal product for printing various packing materials, such as polyethylene, polyethylene plastic bag, glass paper and roll paper etc. It is also applicable in producing paper packing bag for food, supermarket handbag, vest bag and clothes bag, etc.
[2021-07-31] Silk Screen Printing Machine Supplier
To serve buyers the best machine and ensure our machines are with reliability quality, our factory employed skilled engineers and using advanced technology equipment, the raw material and components are carefully selected.
[2021-07-31] Screen Printing Machine Supplier Recommend
This machine is special for 1 color printing of soft tube, bottle cap and which is similar with the special plastics container. The Max printing speed is 4000pcs/ hour. This machine combine with: advanced PLC、touch operation screen and display control system、
[2021-07-31] Non-Slip Printing Machine Supplier
AMN-40 is solid color printing machine, which is improved from the old same products, the advantage is that the capacity gets improved and the appearance becomes more popular.
[2021-07-31] Fabric Screen Printing Machine Supplier
HY-116 is designed and manufactured under copy right by our company(PATENT NUMBER:ZL2009200720492).HY116 series is small dimension, low energy consumption.Adopts REXROTH Germany Cylinder. UV dryer device is for optional.
[2021-07-31] Semi-automatic Screen Printer Supplier
The large series ofsemi-automatic printing machinesare speciallydeveloped for large printingdemand, which can be used directly forlargebillboard, plate glass, plastic,acrylic and other printing of interior andexteriordecorative materials ofbuildings.
[2021-07-31] Screen Printing Machine Supplier Introduction
Theproduction line is composedof a flat-rising screen printer, automatic materialtaking machine and opticalcementing machine. It is a three-quarter automaticscreen printing productionline in the form of manual feeding and automaticmaterial discharging.
[2021-07-31] Ruller Screen Printing Machine Supplier
The internal text controllercan adjust the upper and lower stroke and speed of the squeegee compared withthat of the squeegee. The printing pressure is equal and the adjustment isconvenient.
[2021-07-31] textile screen printer supplier
Our company SPH450 series hatprinting machine is easyto operate,accurate color setting, convenient anddurable.It is not onlysuitable for theprinting of garment material, T-shirt,upper and so on, but alsofor hatprinting.
[2021-07-31] Barrel Screen Printing Machine Vendor
1. Microcomputer controls allfunctional movements with high degree of automation and easy operation. 2.Set a five-digit automaticcounter inside.
[2021-07-31] Label Screen Printer Manufacturer
1.PLC control, man-machineinterface, clear function and simple operation. 2.Flat screen printing, infraredray drying, especially suitable for differenttypes of ink and small area screenprinting frame.Like the collar of a T-shirt.
[2021-07-31] Screen Printing Machine manufacturer
Thismachine adopts theautomaticcontrol of the integration of machine, electricityand gas, and USEStheprinciple of screen printing to make trademark printing forall kinds ofsoftmaterial of ribbon, so that the ink layer of the product isfull and rich,colorfastness is high,
[2021-07-31] Screen Printing Machine recommend
Oval typeautomatic Screen printing machine is based onrotary screen printingmachines,its performance and printing process is verywell.The machine adoptsmodular design, high-strength aluminum alloy structure,
[2021-07-31] Screen Printing Machine supplier
SPE Automatic Screen Printing machine is the multifunctional automatic screen printers. With intellegent micro-processor, touch screen and servo motor driven system equipped, it brings into high printing stability and colors registration tolerance up to ±0.05mm.
[2021-07-31] Screen printer supplier
SPA series automatic computerized UV screen printer is the innovative high-tech automatic UV printing equipment. Aimed for higher production output and faster recovery of investments, it's equipped with intelliegent micro-processor,