Product Description

Brief Description
SPG automatic rotary screen printing machine is the multi-functional automatic screen printing machine.Its equipped with intelligent micro-processor,touch screen and servo motor driven system, bring into high printing stability and colors registration tolerance up to ±0.05mm.All parts of the machine are tested precisely before installation,ensuring zero fault and minimal maintenance .And the easy operation and simple maintetance will be satisfied to everyone’s requirement.The SPG series automatic screen printing machine must be your ideal choice.
SPG series is not only suitable for printing on all kinds of textile products,such as t-shirt,garment,cloth,tetoron,umbrella,satin label,non woven bag,but also suit for printing on woodenboard,paperboard,fabricboard,glassplate,PVC plate,ceramic,marble and so on.
1,Adopt servo motor high-tech driven system,fast and stability.
2,Pallets are driven by servo motor for perfect position registration(±0.05mm).
3,Squeegee/Flood bar’s speed is adjusted by converter motor.
4,Prining pressure,stroke times&length and print angle are set freely and adjustable.
5,Simple maintenance and easy operation.
Technical Parameter:

Model SPG-104/8 SPG-156/10 SPG-158/12
Print Color/Station 4-6/8 4-8/10 6-10/12
Max. print Area 300×400mm 300×400mm 300×400mm
Pallet Size 400×500mm 400×500mm 400×500mm
Air Source ≥1.0Mpa  ≥1.0Mpa  ≥1.0Mpa
Max.Output 700pcs/h 700pcs/h 700pcs/h
Power 2.0Kw 2.0Kw 2.0Kw
Each Dryer Unit Power 13.5Kw 13.5Kw 13.5Kw
Overall Size Φ3400×1600mm Φ3400×1600mm Φ3400×1600mm
Weight 700Kg 800Kg 900Kg