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SPG Series Multi-functional Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Basic introduction:

This machine is a multi-function rotary automatic screen printing machine, the computerized central control system is the man-machine interface,touch screen,all input instruction operation functions are shown in pictures and text.Machine adopts imported servomotor drive, the machine stability is strong,adapt to all kinds of printing process requirements, and ensure the printing accuracy in + / - 0.05 mm,the machine components of the various agencies are through strict quality control production process, less maintenance, strive for zero fault,simple maintenance, to provide customers the best quality, the most economical,the most practical, the most reliable, the most satisfactory printing machinery and equipment.


SPG series multi functional automatic printing machine can not only print all the textile products, such as T-shirt, pajamas, fabric,cloth,umbrella, was hing mark, non-woven cloth bag, but also suitable for printing board, board, fiberboard, glass, PVC sheet, ceramic,marble and other materials.


1. Adopt the latest synchronous servo system, with fast transmission speed and good stability.
2. The workbench rotates automatically, and the positioning of each station is accurate (plus or minus 0.05mm).
3. For each color of scraper and printing head, frequency conversion is adopted to speed up and down the micro air volume.
4. The pressure, Angle, speed and number of times of scraping knife can be set or adjusted at will.
5.Simple maintenance and convenient operation.
6.It can be printed on-line with any size of screen frame.


型号 Model SPG2030/10 SPG3040/12 SPG4060/14 SPG5070/16 SPG4060/18
颜色/烘箱/工位 Color/Dryer/Station 4/4/10 6/4/12 6/6/14 8/6/16 8/8/18
最大印刷面积 Max Printing Area 200*300MM、300*400MM、400*600MM、500*700MM、600*800MM
台板面积 Pallet Size 300*400mm 400*500mm 500*700mm 600*800mm 700*900mm
气源 Air Source ≥06Mpa ≥06Mpa ≥06Mpa ≥06Mpa ≥06Mpa
产量 Output 600pcs 600pcs 600pcs 600pcs 600pcs
主机功率 Main Motor Power 4.5kw 5.2kw 5.8kw 6.6kw 7.8kw
烘箱功率 Each Dryer Power 9.0kw 9.0kw 13.5kw 13.5kw 13.5kw