Product Description

YH Automatic Textile Screen Printing machine is our high-tech automatic textile printers. Aimed for higher production output and faster recovery of investments. Adopting automatic controller system with combination of mechanical, electrical and pneumatic control and together with screen printing principle, leading to the superior printer in any print workshop. YH series is available in 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, and 14-color models with 500×700mm maximum image area, all of which can print on T-shirts, garment materials, non woven bags,pant legs, paper boards, glassplates, PVC/PU boards and fabric sheets & bags etc. YH series feature servo-driven indexers, AC motor driving print heads and pneumatic lifting and lowering turntable.

Adjustable XY-coordination Pneumatic clamps hold screen frames tight and allow for quick frame loading/unloading. General benefits like independent squeegee & floodbar speed adjustments, availability for flock print, 40 degree wide range and calibrated pressure adjustments, tool-free print/flood stroke length and indexing speed control further simplify setup and reduce the unnecessary stoppage. The best aspect of YH printers include a multi-colored touch screen control center, in which all functions can be realized with easy finger-tip commands like onboard self-diagnostic and alarming system, real-time production data, job memory facility and an independent print start & print end setting that automatically stop working when reaching to the preset production data. The tool-free pop-up pneumatic pallet release and locator system means more of flexibility to the YH printers. Central off-contact adjustment on all station can be achieved synchronized through hand lever located on the control center.
Plus, the combination of safety cords and bars system eliminates risk of any trip-in accidents and the print head can be easily lift up and locked down as needed to load an flash cure or refill the ink. Two prominent skip-shirt smash buttons minimize the unnecessary print work on the empty pallet and the foot pedal switch speeds up the pallets changeover. All in all, choosing the YH series will let you achieve more unlimited opportunity.

1.    Combined the advanced technology from home and abroad, high speed and nice looking.
2.    Automatic screen positioning system with precision turntables, placidly and steady running, excellent localizer.
3.    Every squeegee and flood blade can be operated separately by independent chopper, speed adjusted by frequency, slight air pressure.
4.    Imported servo motor drive system makes its running smooth, precise and quick rotation.
5.    Center computer controller system with multiple and interchange language.
6.    Three curing zones in each flash cure unit can be set independently.
7.    Double-station indexing capability increases production output.
8.    Bounce switch is for skip over empty pallet or badness print to less waste.
9.    High-density printing is available.

1, Full colored display gives a vividly visual guide
2, an independent print start & print end setting that automatically stop working when reaching to the preset production data
3, In-line self-diagnostic and alarming system
4, Multiple (1-50) print stroke capability in each print head
5, Real-time production data
6, Zero position control
7, Test print setting turns individual print heads off/on during test print cycle
8, Loading time and flash curing dwell time control
9, Three curing zones in each in-line cure unit can be settled independently  
10, Built-in UBS port for future software upgrades
12, Job memory features technical parameters restoration, making repeat production a breeze

1, Clockwise or counterclockwise rotation
2, Double-station indexing capability increases production output
3, Servo drive combines higher print speeds with superior smoothness, consistency, and longevity
4, Central off-contact adjustment can be adjusted precisely during production, minimizing press stoppage.
5, Precise four-point pallet leveling system
6, Pneumatic and tool-free pallet locator speeds up pallet changeover
1, Safety cords between print heads and four safety bars installed on load/unload stations ambient eliminate any trip-in accident
2, Skip-shirt smash button, located on both sides of the touch screen, allows operator to avoid printing on the empty pallets as they travel
3, Hundredth of a second indexer stop trigger time offers a strong safety guarantee

1, Pneumatic clamps hold frames tight and allow for rapid frame loading
2, Visual reference marks every 1 degree (0-40 degree range) simplify squeegee/floodbar angle adjustment
3, Easy changeover for squeegee/floodbar
4, Availability for flock print
5, Calibrated front & rear stroke length with tool-free adjustment maximizes print flexibility.
6, Print and flood speed control, pneumatic screen frame clamping, left-and-right indexing, lifting and lowing action, print and flood holders displacement are incorporated into one membrane control panel in each print head, minimizing the setup time

Technical Parameters:

Model YH-104/8 YH-156/10 YH-158/12 YH-1510/14 YH-2012/18
Print Color/Station 4-6/8 4-8/10 6-10/12 6-12/14 6-14/18
Maz. Image Area 500×700/mm 500×700/mm 500×700/mm 500×700/mm 500×700/mm
Pallet Size 600×800/mm 600×800/mm 600×800/mm 600×800/mm 600×800/mm
 Frame Size 700×1000/mm 700×1000/mm 700×1000/mm 700×1000/mm 700×1000/mm
Maz.Air Consumption 8P24.71L/100mm
(piston move)
(piston move)
(piston move)
(piston move)
(piston move)
Max.Output 900pcs/h 900pcs/h 900pcs/h 900pcs/h 900pcs/h
Power 2.9Kw 4.4Kw 4.4Kw 4.4Kw 5.5Kw
Each Dryer Power 13.5Kw 13.5Kw 13.5Kw 13.5Kw 13.5Kw
Size 4800×1650/mm 5500×1850/mm 5500×1850/mm 6000×1850/mm 6400×2500/mm
Weight 2300Kg 3000Kg 3300Kg 3600Kg 4300Kg