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YH Automatic screen printing machine

YH Series 4 color 4 dryer 10 station t shirt screen printing mahcine

Basic introduction:

YH series printing machine is the newest and most advanced new generation automatic printing equipment in China, which will bring you high output and fast investment return. Its main features include:computer micro-processing system,accurate printing color setting accuracy,electric printing head and pneumatic turntable lifting system, simple and fast net frame loading and unloading, independent scraping and printing ink recovery speed can be adjusted freely, the machine frame can install flocking printing head an dvivid touchscreen operation interface.The YH series is available in 4,6,8,10,12 and 14 colors, with a maximum printing area of 500 x 700 mm. All models can be printed on t-shirts, sleeves, sheets and textile bags.

Detailed characteristics:

1.Color touch screen operation interface
2.The servo drive system can provide high speed running speed while ensuring stable, durable and long service life of printing
3.Quick pneumatic plat for mreplacement function
4.The turntable can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise
5.The net distance of all stations(the distance between the screen plate and the substrate surface) can be accurately adjusted at the same time
6.The frame should be able to assemble oven, printing head and flocking printing head as required
7.Manual tap jumping switch can avoid empty platform printing
8.Double shift function improves printing quality
9.The function of thick plate printing and automatic plate-changing is optional

Details show:


Model YH-104/8 YH-156/10 YH-158/12
Print Color/Station 4/8 4-6/10 4-10/12
Maz. Image Area 500×700/mm/600×800/mm
Pallet Size 600×800/mm/700×900/mm
Frame Size 720×1050/mm/820×1150/mm
Max.Air Consumption 8P 24.71L/100mm(piston move) 8P 24.71L/100mm(piston move) 8P 30.44L/100mm(piston move)
Max.Output 900pcs/h
Power 2.9Kw 4.4Kw 4.4Kw
Each Dryer Power 13.5Kw
Size ∮4800×1650/mm ∮5500×1850/mm ∮5500×1850/mm
Weight 2300Kg 3000Kg 3300Kg


Model YH-1510/14 YH-2012/18 YH-2016/18
Print Color/Station 4-12/14 4-12/16 4-16/18
Maz. Image Area 500×700/mm/600×800/mm 400×600/mm
Pallet Size 600×800/mm/700×900/mm 500×700/mm
Frame Size 720×1050/mm/820×1150/mm 620×950/mm
Max.Air Consumption 8P 31.51L/100mm(piston move) 8P 30.44L/100mm(piston move) 8P 34.91L/100mm(piston move)
Max.Output 900pcs/h
Power 4.4Kw 5.5Kw 5.5Kw
Each Dryer Power 13.5Kw
Size ∮6000×1850/mm ∮6400×1850/mm ∮7000×2500/mm
Weight 3600Kg 4300Kg 5100Kg

Electrical equipment configuration:

Name YH(Brand)
Touch Screen DELTA(colorful 10 inch)
Power Switch MEAN WELL
Servo Motor YASKAWA
Transducer DELTA(0.4KW/220V)
Smatch Switch MOELLER(A22-FAK)
AC Contactor (CHNT)
Middle Relay OMRON(24VDC)
Proxity Switch OMRON
Emergency Switch SCHNEIDER(BE102C)
Switch With Lock SCHNEIDER(BE101C)
Spin Switch SCHNEIDER(BE101C)
Air Manometer SMC
Special Cylinder UNIQUC(Bidirectional cylinder)
Muffler EASUN
Two-way Valve Mindman
Belt Megadyne(Italy)

Printing process:

Other related ancillary equipment isalso required.

Workshop layout:

Relevant consumables and equipment:

This machine needs to cooperate with air compressor and air filter,as well as other related auxiliary equipment.

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