Product Description

Device Running Video:

SPG screen printing machine+YZ digital printing machine

Basic introduction:

The digital direct spraying machine has broken the bottle neck of digital printing technology, and realized areal start printing, no need to make a plate, a full color image. Digital direct injection equipment has little investment, very low printing cost and high quality printing effect. In addition to professional digital printing ink, color saturation can be gorgeous,wide color range, good transition, far beyond the traditional printing effect. 

Detailed characteristics:

Digital printing machine combines the advantages of traditional screen printing technology and digital printing technology. Keep thetr a ditional screen printing and digital printing  features.The combination of the two advantages has greatly
1.enhanced the product advantage and the product image's strong adhesion, rich texture,natural transition, high precision, rich colors aturation, bright color, wide color range and other characteristics, bringing the designer unprecedented space and unexpected gorgeous effect.
2.Streamline greatly improves the competitiveness of the product, brings super added value,does not reduce the production efficiency,does not increase the production cost, brings the super value return for your investment;
3.With high output energy, the A4 size can print 200 pieces per hour, matching the speed of oval screen printing machine.
Styleable printed garments, cut pieces and special places with concave and convex surface(such aschest bags, pant bags, etc.);
4.With various types of traditional oval and disc screen printing machines, this machine can be used in various manufacturers.
5.Ending environmental protection paint ink,after printing, only through heating and drying can achieve the requirements of curing test;
6.The micro pressure nozzle of epson is stable and durable, and has a long service life.

Details show:


Model SPG3040/12
Print Color/Station 4-4/12
Max. print Area 300×400mm
Pallet Size 400×500mm
Air Source ≥6.0Mpa
Max.Output 600pcs/h
Power 5.2Kw
Each Dryer Unit Power 9.0Kw
Overall Size Φ4060×1650mm
Weight 1960Kg


Digital machine parameters:

 Model DX5113-2 DX5113-4
Nozzle Model Epson-5113
Number of Nozzle 2Pcs 4Pcs
Nozzle Maintenance Automatic moisturizing/Automatic cleaning/Automatic scraping system
Print Resolution 720*1200dpi,720*1800dpi,720*2400dpi
Ink Droplet Size Intelligent controllable ink droplets
Ink Type Water-based Paint Ink
Print Color KCMY
Ink Supply Mode siphon
Operating Language Chinese/English
Printing Speed 300-480Pcs/H(Depend on pattern size)
Print Size 700*500/600*800/700*900mm
Print Direction Horizontal+ Vertical
Print Height 1-10mm Adjustable
Drive Mode  High precision timing belt slide table
USB Interface USB 3.0 high-speed transmission interface
Rip Software MainTop
Control Software Yili
Temperature/Humidity 20-30℃/40%-70%
Power 1KW、AC220V,50/60HZ
Machine Size(LxWxH) 1700*1100*1560mm
 Net Weight 800Kg