Product Description

SPT series automatic flatbed screen printer is the innovative high-tech automatic flatbed printing equipments. The machine upgrades the traditional manual flatbed printer, lowering the labor costs but increasing the print production. With intellegent micro-processor and vivid touch screen display equipped, it provides high colors registration, printing stability and good print result. The light-weight body eliminates the labor's fatigue to the bottom.

The machine adaptes to small, medium and large corporations for material printing. The printer not only applys to do high color-to-color registration printing on garments and leathers such as nylon, tetoron, microfiber twill, satin, PVC and PU, but also fitting on printing stationery, handbags, giftboxes, such as cigarette boxes, decoration boxes, metal sheets, hard & soft plastic boards_PVC, PP, PC, PET, EVA, APET, PETG--fabricboards, glassplates, and ceramics etc in multicolors. The printer works both on sheets and rolls feeding.

Technical paremeters:

Print Size 500x700-600x2200mm (optional)
Output 1600times/h  (up tp the printing size) 
Registration ± 0.03mm
Total Power 2.0kw (optional)

Oxford cloth:  (Printing sample)


Indonesia customer's factory

Shoes Vamp (Printing sample)

Leather (printing sample)

Slippers (Printing sample)