Product Description

Basic introduction:

Thismachine adopts theautomaticcontrol of the integration of machine, electricityand gas, and USEStheprinciple of screen printing to make trademark printing forall kinds ofsoftmaterial of ribbon, so that the ink layer of the product isfull and rich,colorfastness is high, covering power is strong, especiallysuitable fordeepbackground color, large area field printing, the effect iswonderful.According to the material anduse of the product, the product needsfor thethickness of the ink layer,bright color, fastness, gloss and patience,andadopts different screenprinting methods and inks, which can be usedforautomatic continuous printingon the surface of the strip material of thewholeroll.


1.OMRON programmablecontroller(PLC) is adopted in the control circuit system of the whole machineto make thecircuit control simple, reliable and stable.
2.Pneumatic controlprintingunit, equipped with adjustable vacuum suction system, can effectively improvethepositioning accuracy of printing, and it is equipped with a blower device;
3.The scraping movement andthemovement of the surface are respectively controlled by AIRTAC cylinderandfrequency conversion, and the operation is more stable and safe with highprecisionlinear guide rail.
4.The printing stroke andthefixed mechanism of screen plate can be adjusted to facilitate the printing areaofdifferent specifications;
5.The printing unit is modularinsize, compact in structure, reasonable in layout and easy to operate.


Model SPR300 SPR400 SPR500
Printing color 1-7 colors 1-7colors 1-7colors
Maximum printing area 260X500mm 350X500mm 500X700mm
Printing speed 300-900p/h 300-900p/h 300-900p/h
Max screen frame size 450X800mm 550X800mm 700X1000mm
Drying power 2-3.5kw/pc 2-3.5kw/pc 2-3.5kw/pc
Each additional 1 color length 3000mm 3000mm 2800mm
Dimension(1 color) 6300X1250X1400mm 6300X1250X1580mm 6600X1250X1580mm