Product Description

Device Running Video:

SPR Roll to Roll for PVC Film


SPR Automatic roll to roll ribbon screen printing machine are suitable for printing on all kinds of roll fabric materials, such as ribbon, label, poly, tapes and so on.


1. The control circuit system takes the advantage of Japan programmable controller  (PLC) for simple, reliable and stable control on the circuit. 2. With lifting of pneumatic control silk network edition and adjustable vacuum suction system on the printing units, the machine can greatly improve the printing precision. In addition, the machine is also equipped with blowing device.
3. For scrapping printing and work platform movement, with high precision linear guiding rail, the machine takes the advantage of in-service motor and alternate frequency control for reliable and safe operation.
4. Printing process and network edition fixing unit are adjustable for printing   different area with different specifications.
5. With module design, the machine has a solid structure and proper layout for convenient operation.

Technical paremeters:

型号 Model SPR 300 SPR 400 SPR 500
印刷色数 Printing Color 1-7色(colors) 1-7色(colors) 1-7色(colors)
最大印刷面积 Max Print Area 260*500mm 350*500mm 500*700mm
印刷速度 Print SPeed 300-900p/h 300-900p/h 300-800p/h
最大网版尺寸 Max Frame Size 450*800mm 550*800mm 550*800mm
烘箱功率 Dryer's Power 2-3.5kw 2-3.5kw 2-3.5kw
每增一色尺寸 Each Additional 1 color Length 3000mm 3000mm 2800mm
外形尺寸 Dimension(一色 1 color) 6300*1250*1400mm 6300*1250*1580mm 6600*1250*1580mm