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SFB 750N Economic automatic screen printer


The production line is composed of a flat-rising screen printer, automatic material taking machine and optical cementing machine. It is a three-quarter automatic screen printing production line in the form of manual feeding and automatic material discharging. When the printing machine is finished and the printing arm is lifted, the mechanical arm of the discharge machine will automatically extend between the printing arm and the platform, and the printed products on the printing platform will be sucked and pulled out, and sent to the next process(drying, curing or paper receiving, etc.).While saving manpower, improve the use efficiency of semi-automatic screen printing machine. This machine is suit able for soft material screen printing, such as paper products.


Model SFB750N SFB960N SFB1270N
Max.Printing size 700x500mm 900x600mm 1200x700mm
Working table size 900x600mm 1100x700mm 1300x800mm
Paper Size 720mm(Width), Equal or less than 500GSM
Working Air pressure 0.3-0.6mpa
UV lamp 5.6kw x 2pcs
Belt width of UV dryer 760mm
Power of UV dryer 12.5kw
Total power 16kw    
Voltage 380V 50HZ,15.5KW 380V,50HZ,16.5KW 380V 50HZ,17KW
Machine overall size 6800x1050x1540mm 6800x1180x1700 mm 6900x1400x1850mm