How much is a T-shirt screen printing machine?
The approximate cost of a T-shirt screen printing machine depends on the specific product. If the requirements are high, the equipment must be better and the price will be higher. If the requirements are not very high, ordinary ones will do, and the price is not very high, probably ranging from 20,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan. At present, many manufacturers on the market can be considered and compared. If you need a screen printing machine, you must first consider the printing area, the shape of the printed product surface, efficiency, and precision. When these are determined, it is not difficult to choose again.

YH Automatic Textile Screen Printing machine
How much is a T-shirt screen printing machine?
How much is a T-shirt screen printing machine? It depends on the size of the printing format and the internal configuration of the automatic screen printing machine. The higher the configuration, the higher the price. It varies from thousands to tens of thousands, depending on the configuration. According to your specifications and selected functions, it usually ranges from several thousand to tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands. Friends who want to know more can consult Wenzhou Changs Machinery Co.Ltd, which specializes in screen printing machines. This industry has Been doing it for 19 years.

How to use the screen printing machine
Step 1. First, check whether there is corrosion or flammable items on the printing equipment, then turn on the main power of the machine, turn the power switch from green 0 to white 1, and confirm whether the main power has been turned on.

Step 2. Turn on the compressed air and vacuum of the machinery and equipment to confirm whether it meets the pressure requirements, that is, whether the vacuum pressure is in the range of -0.65—-0.7MPa, and whether the compressed air pressure is in the range of 0.6—0.8MPa.

Step 3. Then wait for the computer of the screen printing machine to start automatically, and the printing control program will be automatically loaded after startup. If the computer of the screen printing machine does not start automatically, please start it according to the following steps: Control program--click--Start--Program--backing--Print.exe in turn, after the program starts, activate the auxiliary circuit, press The "AUXILIARIES Starting" button on the lower control panel will see the factor table flash, and at the same time, a "pop" can be heard.

Step 4. After the opening and checking of the machine are completed, you can start printing. When starting to print, take out the screen of the corresponding model, and then place it on the screen frame to fix it, then install it on the printing machine, and press the F4 key to lock the screen. When you hear a "pop", pull the screen by hand to see if it can't be pulled out. Then install the scraping strip and the ink return knife, and transfer the corresponding process files.

Step 5. After transferring the process file of the machine to the new one, the machine must be reset with the new process file. The reset steps are: turn the machine mode to automatic operation mode and click the "Cycle reset" button to reset the machine as a whole. Then you can see the reset information in the "Alarm Message". After the reset is completed, wait until the temperature of the oven reaches the setting, and you can click "Cycle Start" to start the machine.

Step 6. Place the silicon wafer with the film-coated side facing down into the carrier box, then pour the fully stirred slurry on the screen along the direction of the scraper and use white paper for trial printing to ensure the integrity and uniformity of the printed electrodes' sex.

Step 7. Adjust the printing parameters to make the printing meet the printing requirements. Then, after the craftsman confirms the printing and drying process, press the "Cycle Start" button to run the machine, so that the machine will automatically transfer to the next process in the automatic running state.

The working principle of screen printing machine
The printing plate of the screen printing machine is a criss-cross screen with distinct warp and weft woven from silk and other materials. Various screen printing machines such as plane, curved surface, forming, printing and dyeing, printed circuit, and new type rotary have been produced. Make printed images and texts into a web version, install the printing machine after the web version, then screen print the images and texts on the screen or on the web version, and then directly or indirectly print the scraper onto paper or other objects, such as T-shirts, paper, daily necessities, glass, PCB, PVC printing and mobile phone screen printing products.

So which manufacturer of screen printing machines is good?

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