Finding the right t-shirt screen printer can be overwhelming because of the overwhelming amount of information on the website, you can easily be confused by the sheer number of options. Fortunately, many buyers of shirt screen printing machines have gone through this process before. Here are the top six factors to keep in mind when choosing a t-shirt screen printing machine.

SPO Automatic Oval Type screen Printing machine for T-Shirts
(1) Printing needs
Before choosing a screen printing machine, you must first understand the printing needs, including the size of the substrate material, printing accuracy requirements, printing stability, etc., select the appropriate screen printing machine according to your needs, determine the configuration of the product, and fully consider whether the industrial diversification is compatible. use.

(2) Space and budget
Space and budget are the most important factors when choosing a printing press. If you're personal, there are plenty of reliable t-shirt screen printers on the market that fit in small spaces. If you are buying from a factory with a lot of space, have a bigger budget, and will be printing a lot of apparel t-shirts, then the option can be to buy some larger machines.
It is very important to choose equipment that matches your product grade. Many companies have factory inspections before cooperating with major customers. The configuration and grade of factory equipment are the best demonstrations of the strength of the factory.
The intention is the key. If you plan to print it yourself, create a small brand or clothing line, or if you just like the action of a push/pull squeegee, then a manual screen printer should suit your needs. Manual presses are a common starting point for most small screen printing businesses and new printers.

(3) Production volume
According to the analysis of the daily output and the total number of orders per month of the screen printing machine company, if the output is large and the orders are very stable, the automatic screen printing machine can be used for production, because the production efficiency of the automatic screen printing machine Much higher than semi-automatic output, therefore, to be stable, it is advisable to use a fully automatic t-shirt screen printing machine.
If the output is not very stable, and you want to use a screen printing machine for production, then semi-automatic and second-hand equipment is a good choice. Because the semi-automatic screen printing machine is affordable and can meet daily production, both the price and the practicality of the screen printing machine are cost-effective.

(4) Purchase quality
Identify the added value of your own products, so that you can choose more advanced equipment and reasonable prices in equipment selection. The price of the product determines the configuration of the product. After all, "a penny, a penny" is the eternal truth.
Generally, high-tech enterprises have higher requirements for the quality of screen printing, such as printing PCB, FPC, ceramic thick film circuits, etc. The general screen printing machine cannot meet its high-precision alignment printing. The traditional printing machine uses stepper printing. Driven by the motor, vibration is easy to occur at low speed, which affects the printing accuracy and quality. High-precision printing needs a servo motor to drive, the operation is very stable, and there is no vibration even at low speed, ensuring the precision of printing.

(5) After-sales service
The most important thing is after-sales. Some manufacturers don’t ask questions after they sell the screen printing machine. After a problem occurs, they push it again and again, delaying the construction period. In order to ensure product quality, excellent enterprises will run several systems at the same time. The quality management system is the most basic one. There are market supervision departments and third-party professionals from time to time random inspection and supervision, prompting enterprises to apply the relevant requirements of the quality management system to actual production management. To ensure product quality reliability and traceability.

(6) Environment
Before choosing a product, first look at the production workshop of the factory. A factory that is clean, and tidy, and the items placed in an orderly manner must be better in product details. On the contrary, how can a dirty, messy, and poor environment produce high-end products? high-quality products?
Looking at the entire network, each merchant claims to have good quality and good service, and Wang Po will boast about it when she sells melons, but how many excellent merchants can really stand the test and verification?
Therefore, before buying a high-quality screen printing machine, you may wish to know more about the business situation from the side, so that you can know what you have in mind and not waste money.

Your printing needs, space, budget, throughput, after-sales service, and environment will also dictate whether you should use manual or automatic. Automatic presses cost more, take up more space, and have a high output. As already said, the vast majority of screen printers started out as manual printers. As the business grew, they gradually moved into larger and larger manual presses, until one day their bodies simply couldn't keep up with the demands of the orders. Take a look at where you are now, set some goals, and get what you need to help you get there.

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The most important thing to remember when choosing the right t-shirt screen printer is to determine your expectations. Once you've done that, you're halfway through the first print.


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