What does a screen printing machine do?
The patterns and fonts that we usually see in our daily life are printed by screen printing machines, such as letters on the keyboard, text on the monitor, patterns on T-shirts, graphics on containers, etc. All are printed with a screen-printer.

How Screen Printing Machines Work?
(1) The work cycle program of the flat screen printing machine takes the flat screen platform type monochrome semi-automatic hand screen printing machine as an example. One of its work cycles is: feeding parts → positioning → setting plate → dropping to ink Plate, rising back to the inked plate → scraping stroke → rising to the inked plate → lower back to the inked plate → lifting plate → ink return stroke → release positioning → receive.

SPR Automatic roll to roll ribbon screen printing machine

(2) In the continuous cycle action, as long as the function can be realized, the time occupied by each action should be as short as possible to shorten the synchronization period of each work cycle and improve work efficiency.

(3) Embossing line. During the printing process, the ink and the screen printing plate are squeezed into the inked plate, so that the screen printing plate and the substrate form a contact line, which is called the embossing line. This line is at the edge of the squeegee, and countless embossed lines form the printing surface. Achieving an ideal nip line is difficult because the printing stroke is a dynamic process.

What machine does screen printing transfer?
A screen printing machine (screen printing machine) is a common printing machine for printing text and images. It is generally composed of a printing plate device, a printing device, a supporting device, a plate registration mechanism, a drying device, and an electrical control device.

Assembly method of screen printing machine
(1) Adjustment of the doctor blade and ink return blade
[1] The adjustment of the printing pressure should be coordinated with the adjustment of the distance between the printing plate and the printing table. In screen printing, the adjustment of printing pressure is the adjustment of the height of the squeegee.
[2] For the adjustment of the parallelism of the ink board to the platform, the left and right screw rods can be adjusted separately; the left and right top screws of the middle shaft can be adjusted respectively. The essence is to adjust the left and right low positions of the ink scraper.
[3] The adjustment of the plate inclination is generally in the range of 65-85 degrees, which can be selected according to needs.
[4] The length of the kanban board cannot be adjusted, and it is generally supplied in sets, and each set has several different lengths to choose from.

(2) Adjustment of parallelism between three layers of linear guide, printing plate, and working platform
If the three layers are not parallel, the screen printer will hardly work. Generally, the guide rail or platform is used as the benchmark for adjustment.
[1] The table and the guide rail should be parallel, and the squeegee plate moves along the guide rail. If the two are not parallel, the squeegee will not always contact the platform with a certain pressure, and even a gap occurs. This adjustment has also been adjusted before the machine leaves the factory. it is good.
[2] The screen printing plate and the platform should be parallel, otherwise, the distance between the screen and the platform will be inconsistent, which will cause inconsistent squeegee printing pressure and screen printing plate deformation. Therefore, the flatness of the screen frame itself should be guaranteed.

(3) Squeegee speed adjustment
Generally, the adjustment of the entire working cycle is realized through the adjustment handle of the continuously variable transmission device. Ensure that the speed of each link is consistent. Each adjustment is equipped with a corresponding locking mechanism, and the squeegee printing operation must be carried out in a locked state. The installation and maintenance of the screen printing machine generally have specific regulations and requirements in the machine instruction manual, and the user can refer to the implementation.

(4) Stroke adjustment
Including the adjustment of stroke size and stroke position. The screen printing machine using the crank mechanism and the swing rod mechanism can realize the stroke adjustment by adjusting the radius hole position of the crank and the swing rod. The ruler increases and the stroke increases. Screen printers with pneumatic mechanisms can adjust the stroke by adjusting the position of the stroke switch. The stroke of a screen printer driven by a chain cannot be adjusted.

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