Product Description

SSP031 series automatic high-speed single-film (paper) packaging machine is a device that automatically packs drinking straws into bags. The whole machine is composed of a drive motor, a transmission system, a film (paper) unwinding device, a straw filling device, an automatic sealing device, a product conveying device.. The machine is developed by my technical staff and has a high degree of automation and production speed. Filling and packaging are completed at one time.

1.Single packaging, filling and packaging are completed once.
2.Automatic counting, batch alarm, convenient secondary packaging.
3.Adjustable packaging speed.
4.Easy to operate, reliable performance.

Technical Parameter:

Drive motor 0.75kw(Inverter motor)
Capacity 500~600pcs/min
Packing mode 3 side sealing
Packing material Film,Paper
Straw specification Diameter Φ5~Φ13mm
Length 130~270mm
Other specificaton(Different to standard) can customsize
Machine size 1500x800x1400mm              
Weight 300kg

 Electric component list:

Name Specification Brand
Motor 0.75kw CHINA
Inverter 0.75kw Delta ,Taiwan
AC contactor - Schneider,France
Circuit Breaker, - Schneider France、
Knob Button Switch   DELIXI china
Thermostat - Huibang ,china
Solid state contactor - Meiger,Taiwan
Bearing - NSK Japan、Haerbin China
Cylinder,electromagnetic valve - AirTak,Taiwan

 Spare part with machine:

NO Name Specification QTY Remark
1 Copper fork - 20pcs Total:1Set
2 Blade SKS-80x9x0.4mm 2Box
3 Blade clamp - 1PC
4 Knife back - 1PC
5 Discharge port stopper - 1PC
6 Rewind board - 1PC
7 Heating bar - 1PC


NO Name Specification QTY Remark
1 Tool box - 1PC Total:1Set
2 Allen wrench 43169 1PC
3 Double head wrench 43334 1PC
4 Adjustable wrench 200mm 1PC
5 Phillips screwdriver 200mm 1PC
6 Slotted screwdriver 200mm 1PC
7 Long nose pliers 160mm 1PC

Machine photo:



Packing products photo: