Product Description

Device Running Video:

SPF screen printer for coach logo

Basic introduction:

Super fast label printing and other industries used in the garment industry.The speed of this screen printing machine is up to 2000 pieces per hour,which can greatly increase the production.

Suitable materials:

Fabrics,garments, t-shirts,gloves, socks, umbrellas, labellogos,etc.

Detailed characteristics:

1.PLC control, man-machine interface, clear function and simple operation.
2.Flat screen printing, in fraredray drying, especially suitable for different types of ink and small area screen printing frame.Like the collar of a T-shirt.
3.A variety of stations are selected, which are located by the servo motor,running smoothly and smoothly,with high precision to spend.
4.Scraper and ink return knives can be adjusted both in Angle and height to ensure balanced printing pressure. When color printing, the second color screen printing template can be accurately adjusted before and after.
5.Adopt multi-station rotating workbench, one of which places the work piece, (1,2, 3) four stations printing,(1, 2, 3) four stations drying, one station taking the work piece, all of which can run at high speed at the same time.


The printing speed is related to loading and unloading,printing stroke and product
In addition, we can design and manufacture special equipment according to customerrequirements

Modelchoose & Confirm:


型号 Model SPF-1/6 SPF-2/6 SPF-3/8 SPF-4/10
套色/工位 Print Color/Station 1/6 2/6 3/8 4/10
最大图案面积Max.Printing Area 200*200mm 200*200mm 200*200mm 200*200mm
烘箱数 Dryer 1 2 3 4
台板面积 Pallet Size 250*370mm 250*370mm 250*370mm 250*370mm
框架尺寸 Frame Size 330*460mm 330*460mm 330*460mm 330*460mm
最大设计速度 Max.Printing Speed 800pcs/hr 800pcs/hr 800pcs/hr 600pcs/hr
功率 Total Power 3.0kw 3.8kw 5.25kw 5.0kw
Rated Voltage AC220V 50/60Hz AC220V 50/60Hz AC220V 50/60Hz AC220V 50/60Hz
空气消耗量 Air Consumption 10 Litre/min 0.6Mpa 20 Litre/min 0.6Mpa 25 Litre/min 0.6Mpa 42 Litre/min 0.6Mpa
外型尺寸 Dimension φ1300*1450mm φ1300*1450mm φ1600*1550mm φ1800*1500mm
机器重量 Weight 120kg 230kg 260kg 300kg

After salesservice:

1. SPF is a small machine. Generally,factory willdirectly debugged before delivery. After being shipped to thecustomer'sfactory, the customer can use it directly without technicians tocome to.
2.The operation learning, factory willprovided withinstruction manual while delivery, which with detailed use steps,or can consultthe after-sales staff to solve doubts
3. The machine has no wearing parts, butthe lamp andcylinder will gradually wear or aging during use, which is normal.Customers cancontact the after-sales staff to purchase.
4. Other questions of the machine cancontacted us bymail, whatsapp, wechat, etc.
5. If the machine is due to the productionquality ofthe factory within one year, the seller shall be responsible forrepairing orproviding replacement parts; if the machine is damaged due tohuman operation ofbuyer, the buyer shall be responsible for purchasing thedamaged parts; thefactory provide for a lifelong after-sales service formachine.