Product Description


Exposal machine is one of the corollary equipments of Screen printing production line.With its plate copying, picture can be transfered from film to screen perfectly.

The machine with high speed vacuum air absorption to ensure the picture seems lifelike, additionally the equal light wave ensures the whole screen exposured equally and steadily.

Technical Parameters:

型号 Model SBW-850 SBW-1250 SBW-1400 SBW-1500
晒版面积 Exposure Area 750*630mm 1150*1000mm 1300*1150mm 1300*1250mm
最大网版面积 Frame Area 550*430mm 850*700mm 1000*850mm 1150*1000mm
功率 Power 2.2kw 2.2kw 3.5kw 3.5kw
外型尺寸 Dimension 930*810*930/mm 1330*1180*1020/mm 1480*1330*1080/mm 1580*1480*1150/mm
机器重量 Weight 55kg 120kg 140kg 140kg

Note: if you find that existing voltage is not conformity the voltage given, we will provide you with proper electric apparatus configurations.