Product Description

Currently available laser imagesetter output mostly Printing Center as the main customers, and software and hardware are generally produced by different manufacturers, the result is high prices, complicated software operation, can not meet the immediate needs of flexible and efficient printing users.
Our imagesetter is designed for direct printing user design and development models, contains a variety of RIP processing and image settings options, fully meet the user's flexible, safe, efficient, low-cost requirements.

The main parameters:


Any graphics format 660mm ×Infinite
Red recording light semiconductor light source
Resolution  1800* 1800dpi(3000*3000dpi)
Output speed 100mm / min (1800dpi)
Scan mode  Chip away
Positioning accuracy  ± 0.005mm
Film Selection  Red laser illumination sheet
Spot size 8μm
Interface Type USB2.0
USB2.0  Use the package film, automatic flushing
RIP Software Rips4.0 (Chinese / English)
Platform PC Windows & Mac OS X
Dimensions   1800mm x 1050mm x 1000mm
Staffing Single operation, without professional training.