Product Description

YS YH series is designed for automatic printing machine designed flash drying machine, it is also compatible with other brands of printing machines. YS can be installed on any rack. Flash cure on all stations and cooling time can be adjusted by the control center. Three hot zone can work independently, digital temperature control, internal filling of insulating thermal contact with asbestos net avoided accidents. YS can also be converted into a mobile oven. Two turbofan and within a cellular system heat reflecting plate when printing job can have a lasting heat evenly. In short, YS YH automatic printing machine is the most ideal flash drying machine.

Details Features
1, when the pointer to oven drying station can be automatically turned on.
2, high drying efficiency
3, flash drying time can be preset in the main plane
4, three drying zones can be independently controlled
5, bake face-to-platen distance is adjustable between
6, can be converted into a mobile oven
7, two powerful worm fan provides uniform heat lasting cooling effect and can be used after drying
Technical parameters



Flash Cure Power



890×540×188 mm