Product Description

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Summary of the equipment:

This machine is mainly used for automatic forming of plane mask: the whole roll of cloth is driven by roller after being unrolled, and the cloth is folded and wrapped automatically.The nose bridge strip is rolled up for traction and unrolled. After cutting with a fixed length, it is imported into the edge cloth. The two sides are welded to the seal by ultrasonic welding.The mask was transported to two mask ear belt welding stations by the assembly line, and the mask was finally formed by ultrasonic welding.After the mask is made, it is transported to the flat belt line through the assembly line for collection.

Technical parameters:

Model MK-A(1拖2 )
Capacity 90-120 pcs/min
Voltage 220V,50/60Hz
Power 8.50KW
Mask size 175x95 mm(standard size)
Air pressure 0.5~0.7 MPa / 300L/min
Control system Computer PLC with touch screen
Drive mode Servo motor
Operating environment temperature 10~35℃,humidity 5-35%HR, no combustible,
corrosive gas, no dust (cleanliness not less than 100,000).
Machine weight 1600kg
Machine size 6850mm(L)×3600mm(W)×1900mm(H)

 Electric component list:

NO Item Brand Remark
1 Cylinder CKD、SMC/Japan, AirTAC, MISUMI/Taiwan  
2 Solenoid valve CKD、SMC/Japan, AirTAC  
3 Servo motor Mitsubishi/Japan, Panasonic/Japan  
4 PLC Huichuan/China, Mitsubishi, Omron/Japan  
5 Ordinary governor motor Jingyan/China  
6 Bearing NSK/ Japan, HRB/ China  
7 Guide Rail STAF, PMI, CPC, HIWIN/ Taiwan  
8 Optical fiber amplifier Omron,Keyence, Panasonic/Japan  
9 Touch screen Weinview/Kunluntongtai  
10 Relay Omron/IDEC  
11 Button SHUANGKE  


Material list:

Part 克重(g/㎡) Width(mm) Outside diameter (mm)  Inside diameter (mm)  Weight
Outer spunbonded non-woven fabric 20-40g/㎡ 175 Φ600 Φ76.2 Max 15kg
Intermediate melt-blown non-woven fabric 20-40g/㎡ 175 Φ600 Φ76.2 Max 15kg
Inner spunbonded non-woven fabric 20-40g/㎡ 200 Φ600 Φ76.2 Max 15kg
Plastic nose bridge strips —— 3x8 Φ400 Φ76.2 ——
Metal nose bridge strips —— 3x8 Φ300 Φ76.2 ——
Circular ear band —— φ2.5~φ3 —— —— ——
Flat ear band —— 3 —— —— ——

Material cost list for flat Mask  

Item name Ear band Melt-blown Fabric Non woven fabric Non woven fabric Nose wire
Specification Thickness :30 g Width :20mm  Thickness :20g  Width :175mm Thickness :20 g  Width: 175mm Thickness :25 g  Width : 195mm Thickness :1 mm Width: 3 mm  .  
Consumption 3500pcs/KG 2000pcs/KG 1600pcs/ KG 1500pcs/ KG 3000psc/KG
Probably Price 10-12USD/KG 55-60USD/KG(Civil Standard)
58-65USD/KG (Medical standard)
2.3-3 USD/KG 2.3-3 USD/KG 4.5-5 USD/KG
HS CODE 5607500000 5603919000 5603919000 5603919000 3916909000

 The above prices are for reference only

KZBZ-300A Automatic Flat Mask Packing Machine
(Connect to flat mask machine)

KZBZ 300A Automatic Flat Mask Packing Machine.jpg

Technical parameter:

Main performance and characteristics:

1.Compact structure, stable performance and simple operation.
2.Controlled by three servo motors, the bag length is set and cut immediately, no need to run one step more,saving time and film.
3.Fault self-diagnosis function, clear fault display.
4.High-sensitivity photoelectric eye tracking, makes the sealing and cutting position more accurate.
5.Temperature is controled by independent PID,better suitable for various materials.
6.Positioning stop function, no stick film to the knife and no waste film.
7.Simple rotation system, more reliable work and more convenient maintenance.
8.All controls are realized by software, which is convenient for function adjustment and technology upgrade, and never lags behind.

Electric component list:

No Name Model Unit QTY Remark
1 Controller NO PCS 1  
2 Touch screen TPC7062KW PCS 1 CHINA
3 Servo motor 1.1kw PCS 1 CHINA
0.75kw PCS 2 CHINA
4 Temperature regulator XMTG-9081 PCS 3 CHINA
5 Solid state relay SSR25DA PCS 3 CHINA
6 Intermediate relay MY2N-GS PCS 3 JAPAN
7 Power switch LRS-50-24 PCS 1 TAIWAN
8 Mini breaker NXB-63 1P C 6A PCS 1 CHNT,CHINA
9 Mini breaker NXB-63 2P C 25A PCS 1 CHNT,CHINA
10 Mini breaker NXB-63 1P C 3A PCS 3 CHINA
11 Code printer   SET 1 CHINA
12 Inflatable device OPTION   1  

Packed mask photo