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Wenzhou Changs Machinery Co.Ltd  is one of the first company specialized in manufacturing printing machines, packing machines,paper straw machine,plastic machine and paper converting machines,has owned export and import license since 2004.

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YZ-40 Non-Slip Printing Machine For Socks And Gloves

Non-Slip Printing Machine Supplier_Non-Slip Printing Machine


1.AMN-40 is solid color printing machine, which is improved from the old same products, the advantage is that the capacity gets improved and the appearance becomes more popular.
2.The function of AMN-40 is to print one color pattern on socks and gloves, and it can also put silicon on the heel or the bottom of the socks to prevent from slipping.
3.The central electronic part uses famous brand PLC which has excellent performance.
4.The driving part also uses famous brand of Servo Motor system which can bring accurate and perfect printing effect, and it can also change speed freely.
5.The drying chamber is controlled by temperature controller.
6.About the printing part, the print screen can be fasten and adjusted according to the requirements.
7.Optional devices conclude press-heating device and auto-stripping device.


Max. Printing size 400x600mm
Worktable size 600x700mm
Voltage and power 220v 380w
Net weight 90kg
Package size 1070x890x1040mm


Manual Screen Printing Machine

Non-Slip Printing Machine Supplier_Manual Screen Printing Machine

Basic introduction:

The printingsize is about 700*1000MM as yourrequirement. Theprinting area is too large,and it will be difficult to print.After all, theprinting spatula is operatedby hands. If it is too wide, thespatula is notstable enough or the pressureis uneven. Of course, the schoolmust hand stampdesk we can also customize.


Model AMN-40/AMN-2C(3C/4C/5C/6C)
Printing Area Standard type: 260mm*330mm
  Special Type: 500mm*600mm
Socks Form 20pairs for AMN-40, 36-100pairs for AMN2C-6C
Capacity(Doz/h) 60-120(AMN-40)
Operator 43499
Power Requirement 16-20KW/H,  220V/380V, 3P, 50/60HZ
Dimension(L*W*H,mm) 2900*2300*1300