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Wenzhou Changs Machinery Co.Ltd  is one of the first company specialized in manufacturing printing machines, packing machines,paper straw machine,plastic machine and paper converting machines,has owned export and import license since 2004.

Meanwhile, we have built closely cooperative relationship with domestic colleges, universities and R&D institutes. Further on we have established a solid relationship with reliable equipment suppliers and our service team are got rich experience in the industry.

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product description

HY116 Fabric Screen Printing Machine Press

Fabric Screen Printing Machine Supplier_Fabric Screen Printing Machine

HY-116 is designed and manufactured under copy right by our company(PATENT NUMBER:ZL2009200720492).HY116 series is small dimension, low energy consumption.Adopts REXROTH Germany Cylinder. UV dryer device is for optional. HY-116 is single color screen printing press with sensor allow accurate repeat printing.It is also available for double side printing and suitable for security identification ink apply on woven labels as well.HY116-2 is 2 colors screen printing machine, which adopts tape conveying labels.Stable raw material tension system,vacuum work bedding aspiration,accurate color registration.It is suitable for cotton,elastic tape,solid color printing.

Technical Specification:

Max. Feeding width 180mm
Max. Printing width 160mm
Max. Printing Length 400mm
Frame Size (L*W) 550*300mm
Overall /power 1.3KW/220V
Size (L*W*H) 1900*770*1550mm
Max.speed 1800P/H


SFB Semi Automatic Screen Printing Machine

Fabric Screen Printing Machine Supplier_Screen Printing Machine


  1. Four-cylinder printing is usedto achieve the average printing effect and clear network lines.
  2. High precision guide with"MEGADYNE" synchronous belt.Variable frequency drive printing, highand stable motion accuracy.
  3. Speed reduction motor anddriving printing head should be lifted straight up and down with fast andstable movements.
  4. Microcomputer with faultdisplay, convenient for future machine maintenance.


Model SFB-6040 SFB-7050 SFB-9060
Maximum print size 600×400mm 700×500mm 900×600mm
Maximum frame size 950×600mm 1000×700mm 1200×800mm
Work table 700×500mm 900×600mm 1100×700mm
Get off the grid immediately 0-20mm 0-20mm 0-20mm
The thickness of the paper 0-40mm 0-40mm 0-40mm
The printing machine 1.5Kw 1.5Kw 1.5Kw
Maximum printing speed 1000t/h 1000t/h 900t/h
The weight of the 550kg 600kg 750kg
The total power 2.45kw 2.45kw 2.8kw
The machine size 1250×980×1620mm 1350×980×1620mm 1620×1190×1680mm