silk screen printing machine operating procedures and precautions
1. Do not start the machine without authorization before you are familiar with the operation sequence of the machine's performance. 2 Be sure to select the drag source connected to the nominal drag value of the machine.
3. Connect the air source and make the air pressure meet the specified requirements: restore the air pressure control circuit to the initial state and then turn on the power switch.
11. If the machine is shut down for a long time, remove the screen, or completely cover it to prevent dust from attaching to the screen, which will affect the next operation.
5. Do not start the device when the start/stop button is out of order or when the foot switch and start/stop keys are out of order.
7. In the process of debugging and using the equipment, if any abnormal situation is found, the power supply should be cut off immediately.
4. If you want to quickly return to the original position when the machine is running, press the emergency stop.
6. Do not change or remove any safety equipment without authorization.
8. After the last printing is stopped, press to change the version.
9. Turn off the power and compressed air.
10. Remove the residual ink stains on the machine parts.

Digital Silk Screen Printing Machine

What does a silk screen printing machine do?
silk screen printing machine is a printing machine that uses a screen plate as a template. Mainly used in the electronic processing industry, the silk screen logo of the printed circuit board, the logo of the instrument shell panel, the solder paste printing in the circuit board processing process, etc. There is also small-scale production of cartons for carton printing using screen printing machines.

How much is a silk screen printing machine?
How to say the price of automatic screen printing machines for different types? Generally, the price of a fully automatic screen printing machine is much more expensive than that of a semi-automatic screen printing machine. To achieve a fully automatic function of the screen printing machine, more auxiliary machines and accessories need to be added, plus development costs and new program costs. Normally, the price of the automatic screen printing machine is more expensive than that of the semi-automatic screen printing machine.