Product Description

SD series of mobile freestanding dryer easy to operate. The perfect combination of high efficiency quartz lamps and fans can generate stable uniform heat distribution. Design of the cap-like appearance and inner padding made of asbestos insulating materials to avoid accidental contact burns. Lamp installation and removal quick and easy. Inside equipped with temperature sensing devices. All in all, MHX is designed for manual printing device configured a cost-effective means of drying.
Details Features
1, the temperature trimming function
2, drying surface height adjustable
3, the unique honeycomb-type heat reflector apparatus to ensure that the fabric surface temperature equalization
4, simple and intuitive user interface

5, lamp replace them simple

Technical Parameters:

Model SD
Each Movable Dryer Power  6Kw
Size 670×670×1150mm
Weight  40Kg
Voltage/Frequency  220V/50Hz