Product Description

Device Running Video:

Cylinder Screen printing machine


Max products length ≤280mm
Taper range Positive ≤15 degree
Negative ≤7degree
Max Diameter Whole circle 70mm
Arc circle 210mm
Max printing speed 1000pcs/hr
Air consumption 60litre/min(6 bar)
Power 110/220V 60/50 Hz 50W
Size 1020×820×1420mm
Weight 115Kg


lipstick container printer
1. Microcomputer controls all functional movements with high degree of automation and easy operation.
2.Set a five-digit automatic counter inside.
3. it has the printing function of plane, circle and curved surface.
4.Automatic oil scraping, oil return, working table lifting, etc., which is easy to operate and ensures thestable printing quality.
5.Printing travel and speed can be adjusted to meet different printing requirements.
6.Automatic balancing oil knife to ensure the balance of printing pressure.
7. The working table can be fine-tuned up and down, and the net frame can be fine-tuned up and down, leftand right, and up and down. The printing precision is high, and the adjustment is convenient and fast.