Product Description

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Basic introduction:

Sfb-720, 780,1020 rotary screen printing machine is a high speed, high precision full automatic screen printing machine. Reasonable structure, high-speed printing smooth. It can guarantee the accuracy of over printer, it is equipped with sheet feeding paper and automatic printing of chuanliu feeding paper. Its printing range is wide,and it is suitable for 100-350g/m2 soft materials and semi-soft materials.

PLC programmable controller can control the whole machine operation. It adopts centralized control, easy to operate and high sensitivity. At present, it has reached the advanced level of the same type in China. Can perform a variety of printing machine, especially for UV imitation metal such as gold and silver in the ink color printing is more ideal, it is mainly used for ceramic color paper,high-quality goods packaging,lottery swipe CARDS and credit CARDS in many industries, such a sprint, print ink,plump, bright color, stereo sense is strong,hiding power,better than other forms of printing machine.


Model SFB-720 SFB-780 SFB-1020
Max Print Size 720×500mm 780×520mm 1100×750mm
Min Paper Size 350×270mm 350×270mm 480×270mm
Max Paper Size 720×520mm 780×540mm 1020×700mm
Border ≤15mm ≤15mm ≤15mm
Paper Thickness 100-350g/m2 100-350g/m2 100-350g/m2
Pallet Size 880×880mm 940×940mm 1280×1140mm
Max Print Speed 600-3600s/h 1000-3600s/h 1000-3600s/h
Voltage Power 3200kg 3500kg 4100kg
Dimension 7.20kw 8.20kw 8.20kw
Model 3020×1400×1250mm 3020×1470×1280mm 3150×1680×1300mm