Product Description

Device Running Video:

SPM Manual Textile Screen Printer

Basic introduction:

The product description:

SPM series manual printing machine suitable for small-scale printing production, simple operation.The printing suit is accurate and fast, the platen is smooth and durable, it is suitable for printing of various textile fabrics. This economical manual printing machine will bring you unlimited investment returns.

Detailed characteristics:

1. Simple and convenient installation
2. Accurate color printing
3. The platform is smooth and durable

Details show:


Model SPM450 SPM650 SPM850
Print Color 4 6 8
Max. Image Area 400×350/mm 400×350/mm 400×350/mm
Pallet Size 500×400/mm 500×400/mm 500×400/mm
Each Movable Dryer Power 6Kw 6Kw 6Kw
Size 2500×2500×1300/mm 2500×2500×1300/mm 2800×2800×1350/mm
Weight 190Kg 280Kg 360Kg

After salesservice:

1. SPM is a sample & small machine.Generally, factory will directly debugged before delivery. After being shippedto the customer's factory, the customer can use it directly without technicians to come to.
2.The operation learning, factory will provided with instruction manual while delivery, which with detailed use steps,or can consult the after-sales staff to solve doubts
3. The machine has no wearing parts.
4. Other questions of the machine can contacte us by mail, whatsapp, wechat, etc.
5. If the machine is due to the production quality of the factory within one year, the seller shall be responsible for repairing or providing replacement parts; if the machine is damaged due to human operation of buyer, the buyer shall be responsible for purchasing the damaged parts; the factory provide for a lifelong after-sales service for machine.