Product Description

The machine has not only the functions of double-sided and double-color printing on paper packes, automatic gluing, counting, drying and so on, but also adding the devices of heating and embossing for plastic film pack. It is suitable to pack with paper, coated paper and film etc. Each bag contains one toothpick. It is perfect double-purpose equipment for toothpick packing.

Description Specifications
Coiling paper (film) width  2.7-3.0cm
Paper (film) type Full wood pulp 28-55gWeb or cigarette paper ,Laminating paper,OPP 
Scope of speed adjustment  High-speed machine00-15000Package/h
Printing plate materials  2 resin plate(mm) (for paper packing printing)
Power 0.75(kw) 
Net weight 326kg(2 colors) 
Machine volume 1.85╳0.85╳1.6(m)(L*W*H)(2 colors) 
Working voltage 220V