Product Description

1.Upper and lower motor driven conveyor system to facilitate film convey;
2.The brand "NORGEN"of Bangland air-run control the complete set of working;
3.Imported Japan Mitsubishi programmable logic controller (PLC)with stable performance;
4.Stick-free Teflon-coated sealing cutter to ensure clear and stick-free sealing lines;
5.Reinforced conveyor motor to ensure steady transport.
6.Adopting German advanced technology,elaborating according to European process.
7.Imported converter to achieve 0-12m/min,adhustable speed range.
8.Large power double fan motor,assure enough circulate wind.
9.Ultrastrong cooling system to ensure quick formation after heat-shrinking of products.
10.Furnished with anchor bolts for intergration with the production line.

Model  ST6040A  ST4020A
Power voltage    220-240V/50-60Hz
Sealing and cutting dimensions   L600×W400mm L400×W200mm 
Working speed  12-18sets/min.  
voltage  1HP/2KW  
Conveyor width  300mm 190mm 
Machine dimensions  2100×1350×1900mm 1800×850×1100mm 
Machine Weight  220kg 170kg 
Model  BSE6040A   BSE4530A 
Power voltage  3Phase 220V,380-460V/50-60HZ    
Heater power  21KW  11K
Tunnel  dimensions   1800×600×400mm  1200×450×300mm
Machine dimensions  2750×840×1550mm  2150×690×1400mm
Machine Weight  280kg  230kg