Product Description

I.    Main characteristic  
    The machine adopts man-computer interface, PLC control, three vector motor in-phase auto constant tension. It attaches the advanced import rectifying device.  It’s a kind of vertical cutting machine which is high-accuracy, high-sensitivity.
The machine is steadily when work, simple operation, visualization and high-automatic. Apply to vertical separately cutting for compound film, BOPP, PET, PVC and aluminum foil, also can cut a varied of paper materials, plastic film and compound materials. To satisfy the customer for different width of cutting edge, separately cutting.  It’s the indispensable equipments for printing, packing, food and medical etc.
II.    Main structure.
1.The machine adopts PLC centralized control, man-computer
interface(touch screen), vector inverter Synchronous motor.
2.It adopts on the both sides of horizontal type structure to
operate when unwinding and rewinding.
3.The rectifying device adopts import LPC auto rectifying
system. It can follow the edge, follow the line, and ensure the material to go accurate.
4.Main traction drive adopts vector inverter motor, to achieve
constant linear speed control. Main motor for adjust the speed, it have the function to rise and reduce the speed.
5.Unwinding and rewinding adopts vector inverter motor, to
achieve constant linear tension control by PLC automatic computer.
6.Unwinding adopts non-shaft pneumatic cone type, to adjust the
unwinding width by motor, the unwinding rack adopts hydraulic upper and lower movements.
7.Rewinding shaft adopts air control slip differential, it have the
back pressure function when rewinding, to ensure the rewinding roll is tightness properly and end surface is neat.
8.The separately cutting can counting meter automatically, preset
the counting meter, fix the volume diameter.
9.The edge material adopts the fan to waft.
III.    Main technical parameter
Max unwind diameter: φ800mm
Max rewind diameter: φ550mm
Unwind width scope: 600mm~1300mm
Cutting width: 50mm~1300mm
Cutting precision: ±0.3mm
Max cutting speed: 250m/min、300m/min(PVC≤200m/min)
Cutting material: Film and compound film(thickness:0.012mm—0.15 mm)
Machine power: 14.5kw
Machine weight: about 4000KG
Overall size: 2935mm ×2550mm×1660mm