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The JMQ930 automatic flatbed die cutting machine is a kind of die cutting equipment offered for processing various kinds of common paper and PE coated paper. It is extensively used in printing industry, packaging industry, and paper cup industry.
The roll paper is delivered to the flatbed cutting device by the stepping motor. Conveniently and accurately, the paper feed can be adjusted on the display. This high speed flatbed die cutter can be used for cutting both white paper and printed paper. Utilizing pneumatic clutch, the operation of the automatic flatbed die cutting machine is rapid and reliable. The special finished product stacking mode features safety, convenience, and orderliness.

Technical Parameters of Automatic Flatbed Die Cutting Machine

Model JMQ930
Max. Cutting Size 880脳500mm
Cutting Length <25m
Operation Speed 60-110 times/min, based on paper thickness
Main Motor Power 7.5kW
Applicable Raw Material 50-450g/m2
Air Source 0.6m3/min, 0.8MPa (prepared by customer)
Weight 5.5 tons
Overall Dimensions 4550mm脳2100mm脳1700mm

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We can send 1-2 engineers to buyers' factory to install and set up the machines and provide training service, but all the charges for the engineers should be paid by buyer.
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