Product Description

Work principle: 


JMQ950 die-cutting machine based on international advanced technology, has a high stability, high safety performance, high precision of the finished product, it’s widely used in printing, packaging and paper products industries. It adopts micro-computer, human-computer control interface, servo positioning, alternating current frequency converter, automatic counting, manual pneumatic lock plate, photoelectric correcting deviation system, electromagnetic cluth, centralized oil lubrication, overload protection and distinctive gearing.  So it guarantees smooth operations of returning paper and feeding paper, precise positioning and orderly withdrawing. All the key parts and controls of the machine are imported. Such installation can realize the machine in steady pressure, precise positioning, smooth moving, safety and reliability






Max cutting area


Cutting precision


Paper gram weight


Production capacity


Air pressure requirement


Air pressure consumption


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Max roller diameter


Total power





Main structure:

1. Worm Gear Structure: Perfect worm wheel and worm transmission system ensures the powerful and steady pressure and makes the cutting accurately while the machine runs with high speed, has features of low noise, smooth running and high cutting pressure.

Main base frame, moving frame and top frame are all adopts high strength Ductile Cast Iron QT500-7, which has features of high tensile strength, anti-deformation and anti-fatigable.

2. Lubrication System:  Adopts forced lubrication system to ensure main driving oil supply regularly and reduce friction and prolong the machine life, machine will shut down for protection if oil pressure is low. The oil circuit adds a filter to clear the oil and a flow switch to monitor lacking oil.

3. The die-cutting force is provided by a 7.5KW inverter motor driver. It is not only power-saving, but also can realize the stepless speed adjustment, especially when coordinate with the extra large flywheel, which make the die-cutting force strong and steady, and the electricity can be further reduced.

Pneumatic clutch brake: through adjust the air pressure to control the driving torque, low noise and high brake performance. The machine will shut down automatically if overload happened, response sensitive and fast.

4. Electrical control pressure: accurate and fast to achieve die-cutting pressure adjustment, The pressure is automatic adjusted through the motor to control the four feet by HMI.It is very convenient and accurate.

5. It can die-cut according to the printed words and figures or simply die-cut without them. The coordination between stepping motor and photoelectric eye which can identify colors assures the perfectly fit of the die-cutting position and figures. Simply set the feed length through the micro-computer controller to die-cut the products without words and figures.

Electrical cabinet

Motor: Frequency converter controls the main motor, with features of low energy and high efficiency.

PLC and HMI: screen display the running data and status, all of the parameter can be set through the screen

7. Correction Unit: This device is controlled by Motor, which can fix and adjust the paper in a correct position. (left o right)

8. Die cutting department adopts pneumatic lock version of the device to avoid come off from the machine.

Die cutting plate: 65Mn steel plate heating treatment, high hardness and flatness.

Die cutting knife plate and plate frame can be take out so that it can save plate-changing time.

9. Paper blocked alarm: the alarm system makes the machine stop when paper feeding blocked.

10. Feeding Unit: Adopts chain type pneumatic roller unwind, tension controls unwind speed, and that’s hydraumatic, it could support at least 1.5T. Max roll paper diameter 1.6m.

11. Load material: Electric roll material loading, which is easy and fast. The two rubber covered rollers are controlled by Traction Motor, so it’s very easy to make paper go forward automatically 

12. Automatically fold and flatten the cornering materials at the paper core. It realized the multistage adjustment of the folding degree. No matter how bent the product is, it can be flatten or refolded towards other directions.

13. Feed material: the photoelectric eye tracking system assures the synchronization of material feeding and die-cutting speed.

14. By the action of the entity induction switch, finished product will be automatically lowered down to remain the height of the pilling paper unchanged, during the whole die-cutting process, manual paper-taking is not needed.