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The JCQ850 high speed punch die cutter adopts automatic punching technology. It perfectly integrates the functions of roll paper slitting, die cutting, and waste cleaning. Eliminating the slitting procedure in traditional processing mode, our automatic die cutter supports direct punching with smooth cutting edge. Apart from low energy consumption and labor cost, the labor intensity is reduced and the paper utilization rate is improved, as well.
The high speed punch die cutter comes with PLC micro-computer control system and LCD human-computer interface, realizing automatic operation of the die cutting machine. Through the dynamic display, users can understand the working conditions and the machine failure directly, helping realize intelligent and trim paper collection. The automatic die cutting machinery is an ideal choice for the production of disposable paper bowl, paper cup, etc.

Operation Conditions
Environmental Temperature: -1℃ -35℃
Relative Humidity: less than 85%
Main Voltage Fluctuation: less than 10%
Ambient Environment: little flammable, combustible, or corrosive material. No severe vibration.

Technical Parameters of High Speed Punch Die Cutter 

Die Cutting Mode Punching (suitable for roll paper)
Die Cutting Speed 150-200 times/min
Raw Material 125-350g/m2 roll paper with the wide from 360 to 850mm.
Roll Paper Diameter <1.5m
Paper Feed Speed >35m/min (intermittent working)
Compressed Air 0.2mm/min, 0.5MPa
Length of Roller Surface 950mm
Main Motor Power 4kW
Total Power 8.5kW
Machine Weight 3 tons
Machine Size (L×W×H) 2900mm×1400mm×1700mm
Electric Box Size (L×W×H) 700mm×700mm×1350mm


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1. Warranty
1 year limited warranty after installation. If the spare parts are broken in the warranty period, we will send you free replacement parts.
2. Installation and Training
We can send 1-2 engineers to buyers' factory to install and set up the machines and provide training service, but all the charges for the engineers should be paid by buyer.
3. Quotation
The quotation is available in 60 days.
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