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SPY Paid printer


This is a medium-sized two-color rotary printing machines, airplane biggest feature is circulating constantly be Duotone, a grid rotating turntable can print a product, turntable Japanese precision CNC machining, high speed high precision, stable performance. Compared printing machine shuttle, it operates more complicated. The fastest printing speed 1500 times / h, the maximum printing area 60 * 120MM. Suitable for use in electronic products, plastic shell, hardware, stationery, gifts, toys logo printed surface pattern.


1. SCM IC compiler action program, a variety of printing mode selection
2. Automatic four-digit counter, statistics the number of prints
3. Full aluminum body, the surface of metallic paint
4. The table, plastic head, oil pan position can be adjusted XYZ axis
5. The ink-and printed separately adjustable pressure pad
6. scraper adjustable stroke
7. slide back and forth with automatic inking function to prevent ink partial solidification
8. All cylinders are individually speed adjustment knob
9. Using original Japanese SMC pneumatic components and Taiwan MINDMAN
10. Adjust the position of both scale identification
Ban plastic head fall function 11. No air enters the
12. The machine runs fast, stable, low noise
13. Automatic cold air system
14. The operation mode selection: Automatic | semi-automatic | manual | Self programming
15. Start: panel | Foot switch
16. turntable positioning: pneumatic bolt
17. Wheel Drive: Pneumatic
18. scraper work: pneumatic valve drive cylinder up and down
19. squeegee pressure control: constant pressure regulator
20. The front and rear travel: 160MM
21. A vertical stroke: 75MM
22. Maximum product dimensions: length 200 * W 90-100
23. The maximum printing area: 60 * 120MM
24. The oil pan center distance: 127MM
25. overlay accuracy <0.05MM
26. The printing stations: 8
27. fixtured way: T-slot table, screws
28. Fixture Materials: Putty | aluminum | Bakelite | Plastics | Steel
29. Plastic head fixation: wood screw locking

Machine Model SPY-2C with conveyor
Plate size 100*150mm
Printing area 60*60mm
Printing speed 1500 times / hour
Body size 920x680x1380mm
Body weight 130kg
Gas pressure 5 bar
Power supply 220V 50Hz 60W