Product Description

Function's feature:

1.Microcomputer control each's function operation, operate simple convenience.
2.Have four digits automatic arithmometer.
3.Machine architecture adopt high quality aluminium alloy, quality lightly firm.
4.Oil gun ink, install tear open and washing convenience.
5.Itinerary and timing fluctuation independent glue's head.
6.Automatic balanceable scraper, scrape China ink neat and tidy.
7.Can twice glue China ink move printing once, so that acquire compare big print printing ink.
8.Can front and back blank line not fall glue head, prevent a little avast's time's printing ink dry solid.


Color number One color
Air cylinder plumb itinerary 80mm
Air cylinder's level's itinerary 125mm
Steel plate's size 100× 75 , 100mm
Workbench's area 115× 200mm
Most great seal's a height 150mm
Biggest print diameter 90mm
Biggest print speed 1300pcs/ hr
Consume tolerance 52L/ min
Power 220V/ 50HZ 50W
Exteriority's size 650× 400× 1220mm
MOQ 1set