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1. The automatic L-shaped sealer and shrink tunnel adopts temperature compensating solid state controllers to keep the working stable.
2. Belt conveyor is designed with variable speed and the speed can be adjustable.
3. The stainless-steel heater with top and side heating mode is able to work for a long time.
4. The automatic sealer and shrink tunnel quickly change the seal wire to ensure the quick assembly.
5. It is equipped with double magnetic hold-down device to promise stable working.
6. It is able to work with all types of shrink films, especially for non-PVC, polyolefin films.
Specifications of the FQL450 Series

Model FQL450LA FQL450A
Power Supply 1 Phase 220V/50-60Hz
SEAL SIZE 560×450mm 600×450mm
Product Size L520×W410mm L580×W420mm
Conveyor Loading 20KG MAX 25KG MAX
Machine Size 1600×835×1470mm 1450×670×1000mm
Weight 280KG 110KG
Shrink film POF, PVC, PP, PE

Specifications of the BSD Series 

Model BSD4020A BSD4525A
Power Supply 1 Phase 220V/50-60Hz 3 Phase 380V/50Hz
Heater power 6.5KW adjustable 8KW adjustable
Conveyor Speed 0-15m/min 0-15m/min
Tunnel Size 1000×400×200mm 1000×450×250mm
Shrink Product Size 350×160mm 400×210mm
Coneyor loading 25Kg Max 25Kg Max
Machine Size 1240×660×1320mm 1250×71×1370mm
Weight 90KG 120KG
Shrink film POF, PVC, PP