Product Description

Descriptions of BOPP Laminating Machine YDFM
1. The Laminating Machine is advanced in design, compact in construction and convenient to use.
2. Hydraulic system is available with the machine.
3. The laminating machine has the following features: large and even pressure power, high laminating speed, automatic temperature control, low noise and even running etc. These features can reduce the damage rate and improve production efficiency.
4. Material: BOPP (widely used for single lamination for packing boxes, food boxes, books and drawings etc.)

Technical Parameters of BOPP Laminating Machine YDFM 

Model 720 920 1200
Laminating Width 620mm 820mm 1100mm
Laminating Speed 0~30m/min 0~30m/min 0~30m/min
Laminating Temperature 60-130℃ 60-130℃ 60-130℃
Motor Power 0.55KW 0.75KW 1.2KW
Heating Power 4KW 6KW 6.5KW
Machine  weight 400kg 500kg 600kg
Machine Dimensions 1900×1300×1600mm 1900×1500×1600mm 1900×1700×1600mm