Product Description

Basic introduction:

Sq series trower ismoreeconomical and durablethan other domestic models .It is simple tooperate,reliable operation, in thetension network when the textile warp andweftdirection can provide enoughlasting tension. The novel hand bar push-lockandrubber coated clamp can holdthe wire mesh firmly. Each cylinder shaftbeforeand after movement speed, gridframe height adjustable. The maximum netarea is1100 x 750 mm. Our company canprovide you with services such as addingorreducing pneumatic jigs, changing thewidth of the clamp and changing thecolorof the air pipe. In a word, sq is yourideal grid device.


1.Suitable for different grid framesizes, up to 1100x 750mm
2.The height of the frame isadjustable
3.Novel hand-lever push locksand rubber-coated clampshold the screen firmly and do not slide at all
4.The movement speed of the meshclip can be adjustedbefore and after
5.Make multiple mesh panels atthe same time
8.The warp and weft direction oftextile provideslasting tension
9.A strong structure is your guaranteeof satisfaction


Working Air Pressure 0.3-0.6Mpa
Specification of Cylinder 50*70L
Specification of Net SPlitting Clamp 250-300mm
Number of Net Splitting Clamp 12pcs(Optional)