Product Description

Basic introduction:

YS is designed for in-line curing at print stations of YH series press but can retrofit to other machines as well. STORM can be installed upon any open pallet as necessary. The flash curing time and the cooling time are electrically synchronized on all stations with the press production and can be preset remotely on the touch screen—easily operated with only finger-tip commands. It features a powerful infrared lamps array--three zone working individually, digital temperature controls, solid-state circuitry, and stuffed-in heat-resistant asbestos to prevent any incidental contact. Nine tough infrared lamps can reach the operate-set temperature in seconds. YS can be easily modified to fit the manual presses by mounting on a sturdy, height-adjustable stand. Two turbo fans and built-in honeycomb designed reflector provide heat flow distribution quite evenly during printing. YS is a super flashing unit for existing YH automatic printing systems.


1, The lower power mode can be instantly changed into high power one and reaches at operator-preset temperature when the indexer reaches curing station
2, Quick temperature speed-up system increases the curing productivity
3, The dwell time can be preset electronically on the screen control center
4, Built-in excellent temperature sensor could let the flash shut off when the substrate reaches operator-set temperature, extra safety design
5, The instant-on lamp technology saves energy by reverting to standby when the press is idle
6, Uniquely designed lamps array provides three curing zones—each containing three lamps that work individually and can be operated digitally from the control panel, highly reducing energy consumption when curing differnent sectional spots
7, Adjustable head height ensures the proper distance between the garments and the lamps (100mm range), eliminating risk of scorching
8, Units can be mounted on an optional floor stand for multi-use
9, Infrared lamps offer the best curing result but can be replaced with quartz lamps or carbon elements up to your requirements
10, Two tough turbo fans work to provide even heat flow distribution for fast cure rates and also can be used to cool down after curing
11, Accommodate to automatic presses without the loss of print head capability as it may be installed on heads that are printing.


Model YS
Flash Cure Power 13.5Kw
Size 890×540×188 mm
Voltage/Frequency 3Ph 380V/50Hz