Product Description

Device Running Video:

SFB Large size Screen Printer

Basic introduction:

The large series of semi-automatic printing machines are specially developed for large printing demand, which can be used directly for large billboard, plate glass, plastic,acrylic and other printing of interior and   materials of buildings. This series adopts four-column stable structure, lifting net frame,dual-track saving manpower, guide rail in and outworking table, 3/4 can be automatically discharged, easy to connect with automatic drying equipment. This series is easy to operate, printing effect is ideal. More importantly, it's very affordable.

Features: scraper pressure adopts vacuum type and printing pressure is large and even;
2.constant speed scraper movement ensures accurate printing;
3.printing table with aluminum fovea built in, high flatness;
4.adjust freely according to different printing thickness.


Model SFB-2500 SFB-2800
Max Print Size 1200×2500mm 1300×2800mm
Off-contact 0-50mm 0-50mm
Air pressure 0.6mpa 0.6mpa
Pallet Size 1400×2800mm 1500×3000mm
Max Print Speed 300s/h 200s/h
Weight 1700kg 1900kg
Power 3Ph,4N,380V,50Hz,3.8kw 3Ph,4N,380V,50Hz,3.8kw
Dimension 3540×2800×1200mm 3740×3100×1200mm