Product Description


Suitable for powder and granule of pharmaceutical,food,chemical,pesticide,deoxidizer and other industries;automatically bag forming,measuring,filling,forming,sealing,
distributing and counting.


Main features :

1. This machine is an advanced new generation of high-speed rotary full-automatic packaging machine independently designed by our company.
2.Fully automatic packaging process, automatic feeding, automatic film connection and switching, reduce waste of packaging film.
3.Intelligent fault alarm, intelligent detection, empty package can be automatically discharged (with thickness detection device).
4.Siemens PLC system in Germany, Schneider electrical system in France. Stable performance and durability.
5.Transition cup and rotate synchronously with the volumtric filling cup to ensure that the material is not leaked and the waste , to prevent raw materials is reduced, and ensure high accuracy of product weight.
6.The equipment has the protection functions of short circuit, circuit breaking, overload, phase absence, over current, over voltage, phase sequence, leakage and other functional disorders.
7.Photoelectric tracking system guarantees automatic alignment of packaging film.
8.It has the function of query and storage of running data (both reserved functions)
and communication interface. The equipment can be managed and upgraded.The operation interface can show the process flow, working conditions and current work. It can automatically display various faults and humanized functions.
9.Omron  Intelligent Temperature Control System of Japan, automatic compensation of sealing temperature, precise temperature control. The seal is beautiful and generous.
10.Imported famous brand pneumatic parts of the whole machine. long working life easy to maintain and replace.
11.Adopts SS304 stainless steel appearance, the main parts is forged with chrome steel, main runing part equipped with plexiglass.


Working process flow:

Material from the auger(or vacuum) conveyor,dosing by volumetric cup and then filling into the packaging bag by rotary filling cup, packaging film is automatically formed, filled, sealed and cut once after the whole roll is loaded into the machine. Finally, the finished bag is clamped and transported.

Technical parameter




Bag style


3-sides sealing


Bag size


35-150mm  (Horizontal sealing length once fixed,it wont change)



Packing speed

300-500bags/min(Depend on the products and packing material)

Packing stype

Each sachets /cutting

Easy tear notch


Max dia. of the film


Packing volume