Product Description

Technical Parameter

Model SJDSM- M(1color) SJDSM- D(2 color) SJDSM-T(3 color)
Screw diameter 50mm 50mm/20mm 50mm/20×20mm
L/D 1.250694444 1.250694444 1.250694444
Motor 7.5kw 7.5kw+7.5kw×1 7.5kw+7.5kw×2
Transducer 0.75kw×2 0.75kw×2 0.75kw×2
Extruding output 25-35kg 25-35kg 25-35kg
Product diameter 1-14mm 1-14mm 1-14mm
Product length ≥5mm ≥5mm ≥5mm
Weight 900kg 1000kg 1200kg
Overall dimension 1000×2000×1700mm 1000×2000×1700mm 1000×2000×1700mm
Power 380v/3p/4L/50Hz 380v/3p/4L/50Hz 380v/3p/4L/50Hz

The model is a tubing extrusion line. It is composed of extruder and die, Vacuum calibration and cooling unit, haul-off and rotary cutter or coiler, the entire machine’s controls base with the control elements ergonomically adapted to permit easy operation. The machine is ideal for laboratory education and small production,the system is also suitable for extruding straws, refluxes and most diameter tubing and a wide range of industrial applications.