Product Description

1.The whole steel plate fuselage,interlayer paper feeding design and the style of oil poured lubrication system is Ensured the equipment long-term normal and Stable Work;
2.Short distance double vertical axis combine advanced and high-precision cylinder open type cam drive make every stations high-speed worked accurate without mistake;
3.Single wrap the leaf groove cam structure combine seesaw roof bar design can make the high-speed paper feeding go to the place accurately;
4.Exquisite original creation ¢490mm mould turnplate design make the equipment work load more light and the speed to be more fast;
5.Scientific and reasonable mechanical is fit Itinerary design can using in premise of exchange mould can make the products producing range 6oz-22oz ;paper thickness 170g-350g .

Technical Parameters

Model JBZ-22D
Cup size 6-22oz
Raw material 160-350g/㎡ (Two side PE coated paper and one side PE coated paper)
Top mouth diameter φ60mm-φ90mm
Bottom diameter φ40mm-φ70mm
Height 60mm-180mm
Bottom depth Depth 5mm-10mm
Capacity 60-90 pcs/min
Main motor power 1.5kw
Energy consumption 6-6.5kw/h
Total power 11.5kw
Air source 0.4m³/min,0.5-0.8Mpa
Weight 2200Kg
Dimension(L*W*H) 1750mm*1350mm*1850mm
NO Code Name Model QTY Brand
1 QF1 Miniature Circuit Breaker DZ47-3P-63A 1 CHNT,China
2 QF2 Miniature Circuit Breaker DZ47-3P-32A 1 CHNT,China
3 QF3 Miniature Circuit Breaker DZ47-3P-25A 1 CHNT,China
4 QF4 Miniature Circuit Breaker DZ47-1P-10A 1 CHNT,China
5 QF5 Miniature Circuit Breaker DZ47-1P-25A 1 CHNT,China
6 KM1-KM2 AC contactor D2510/220V 2 CHNT,China
7 KM3-KM5 AC contactor D0910/220V 3 CHNT,China
8 KM6 AC contactor D2510/220V 1 CHNT,China
9 XS1 Three-hole socket AC30-16A 1 China
10 TC1 Power supply module S-100-24V 1 China
11 KA1 Relay module G6B-4BD 1 OMRON
12 KA2-KA6 Small relays G2R-2-DC24V 5 OMRON
13 KA7 Small relays MY2-DC24V 1 OMRON
14 SSR1-SSR2 PLCAmplifying board N-S/24V 2 China
15 SSR3-SSR4 solid state relay SSR-40DA-H 2 Aoyi,China
16 SSRS solid state relay SSR-250A 1 Aoyi,China
17 HL1 Indicator light TPWF5-L24RG 1 Tiande,China
18 HMI Touch screen TPC7062TX 1 Kunlun tongtai,China
19 ST1-ST3 Electric thermal couple K-15米/螺钉式 3 China
20 S1 Encoder E6C2-CWZ6C 1 OMRON
21 UF1 Frequency converter VFD015EL21A 1 Ourui,China
22 PLC1 Programmable Controllers 6ES7 288-1ST40-0AA0 1 China
23 S2-S3 Photoelectric Sensors CX442 2 Panasonic
24 S5 Photoelectric Sensors CX442 1 Panasonic
25 S6 Photoelectric Sensors CX442 1 Panasonic
26 S7 Photoelectric Sensors CX442 1 Panasonic
27 SL1 Limit switch CX442 1 OMRON
28 SL2 Oil pressure sensor   1 China
29 XP1 Ultrasonic needle   1 China
30 SA1 Power switch XB2-BD21C 1 Schneider
31 SB1 start up button XB2-BA31C 1 Schneider
32 SBS1 Stop button XB2-BA42C 1 Schneider
33 SB2 Jog button XB2-BA51C 1 Schneider
34 SBE1 Emegency button XB2-BS542C 1 Schneider
35 SR1 Reset button XB2-BA21C 1 Schneider
36 SA2 Vacuum suction switch XB2-BD21C 1 Schneider
37 PD1-PD3 Temperature Controller N5GWL-6400V 3 China
38 FR1 thermal relay NR2-25/1-12A 1 China
39 FR2-FR3 thermal relay NR2-25/1-16A 2 China
40 FR4 thermal relay NR2-25/25-4A 1 China
41 FM1 Buzzer warning speaker BJ-1A-24V 1 China
NO Code Name Model QTY Brand
1 U1 Servo Driver   1 Ourui,China
2 M1 Main motor   1 China
3 M2 Knurling motor   1 China
4 M3 Oil pump motor   1 China
5 M4 Cup output fans   1 China
6 M5 Servo motor   1 Ourui,China
7 GC1 Ultrasonic   1 China
8 HE1 Preheat 1   1 China
9 HE2 Preheat 2   1 China
10 HE3 Fold in heating   1 China
11 YV1 Die blowing electromagnetic valve   1 China
12 YV2 Sealing Preheating Cylinder Solenoid electromagnetic Valve   1 China
13 YV3 Vacuum suck Solenoid valve   1 China
14 YV4 Paper seperate electromagnetic valve   1 China
15 YV5 No tube bottom blowing electromagnetic   1 China
16 YV6 Bottom oil injection solenoid valve   1 China
17 YV7 Unloading cup solenoid valve   1 China
18 YV8 Blowing out the paper solenoid valve   1 China
19 YV9 Stop solenoid valve   1 China