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The JBZ-12H paper cup forming machine is a kind of high speed automatic machinery with multiple stations. It has the function of automatic paper feeding, hot sealing, cup rim lubricating, bottom punching, bottom locating, heating, knurling, curling, and cup discharging. The paper cup making machine can be used for manufacturing single or double side PE coated paper cups for drink, ice cream, etc.
1. The open type indexing cam is precisely manufactured, ensuring high operating stability of the paper cup forming machine.
2. Employing imported flameless hot-air system, the high speed paper cup making machine has stable performance and high production capacity.
3. The smartly designed steel frame makes for the compact and steady structure of the product.
4. The standardized parts have good universality and interchangeability, for easy maintenance.
5. Using fully enclosed automatic lubricating system, the paper cup forming machine supports long-time continuous operation at high speed.
6. In addition to the intelligent design, our disposal paper cup forming machine comes with PLC control system, servo motor drive, automatic failure warning system, counter, detecting unit, and shutdown system.

Technical Parameters of Paper Cup Forming Machine

Model JBZ-12H
Paper Cup Size 6-16oz (Outer diameter of cup rim: 60-100mm, outer diameter of cup bottom: 50-70mm, cup height: 60-135mm, depth of cup bottom: 5-10mm)
Rated Power 65-80pcs/min
Main Motor Power 2.2kW
Electric Heating Power 8.6/13.2kW
Air Source 0.6m3/min, 0.6MPa (prepared by customer)
Applicable Raw Paper 190-350g/m2(Single or double side PE coated paper)
Weight 3.8T
Main Machine Size 3100*1900*1800mm
Power Consumption 7.5kW
Size of Paper Cup Collector 1150*850*2000mm
Note For the same set of mould, the paper thickness difference shall be controlled within ±0.05mm.
Other Parts Optional
Protective Cover Optional
Straight Pipe for Paper Cup Delivery Optional