Product Description

YZ-MZQXJ series is an updated jujube cleaning & drying machine in our company. YZ-MZQXJ series applies technology benefits a lot both from local & foreign countries. It features adjustable motor driven system, auto material loading, shaking and spray cleaning mode, and the combination of self fanning, drying and testing. The automatic operation line will let the final products be packed directly to the next step with top level of hygiene, productivity, easy operation, less maintenance, low power consumption, and environment friendly mode. YZ-MZQXJ series fits well to home business with medium amount of space and employees.

1, Affordable, reasonable exterior, applying advanced adjustable motor drive system
2, The entire line can be separated into different operation-controlled parts, saving space a lot.
3, Highly-effective shake cleaning system will eliminate the solid & liquid sundries.
4, Enlarged spray system will let the jujube be cleaned more literally
5, Adjustable in temperature and distance between heating layer and running belt, reducing the damage of products’ exterior
6, Combined with the mini-version jujube pressing machine, the line will be the perfect to the customer from raw material to final package.


Power supply of speed converting motor 220V, 90/180 W, 50Hz 220V, 90/180 W, 50Hz
Belt running speed 0~9m/min 0~9m/min
Belt width 400mm 550mm
Power supply of shaking brush 380V, 90W, 50Hz, 380V, 90W, 50Hz,
Weight 40Kg 40Kg
Dimension 7270×645×1620mm 10000×800×1720mm