Product Description

Detailed Product Description

I Procedure
1. Start the machine as follows: Cylinder-tooth roller-section
fansoften machine-dryer-slash box.
Note: The carding machine should be kept running for half hour after turn-off all
the other machine.
2. Before setting up the line, put the evenly blended pulp into slash box for finishing machine. Sets the finishing roller pressure and ask one worker keeping in watch of web, then sets the first
team pressure to 3Mpa and second the third teams to 3.5Mpa. Ready for
3. In the beginning, the cotton is feeded by worker into feeder, then the cotton goes through soften machine, iron catcher, later on sucks into cotton basket by suction fan, then carding machine, web-former, web-dryer, conducted to slash box by worker, finally the web will be flattened and dried by dryer. After all these steps, then we get the end product

II. Raw material
  2.regenerative cotton
  3.starch glue
  4.calcium powder
III. Parameters
  1.Net width: 1250 mm
  2. Product Weight: 18-120GSM
  3.Capacity: above 60kg/h
  4.Mechanical speed: 900m/h---1800m/h
  5.Product quality: with a cross and machine direction ratio 1:1, even surface, no fuzz-like
  6.Total power: 38kw
  7.Floorspace: 25m(L) ×10m(W) ×4m(H)
  8.People needed: 3 to 4 people for every shift
IV. Line Structure
 This line includes soften machine, automatic cotton feeding machine, carding machine, draft web-former, web-dryer, flatting machine, dryer, winder with a counter, electrical controlling cabinet. (note: The line for export will be equipped with electical controlling cabinet, the home selled line will be equipped with regular switchs.)
V. Operation Technics
 1. This line adopts to the technology of forming the web by draft.
 2. Theory: soften → carding → form the web by draft → finishing and flatting → drying → counter and wind.
VI. The oil-refuel drawing
 1.soften machine
 2.flatting machine
 3.carding machine
VII. Heats Way
 Steam boiler or cycling oil heated boiler
 (note:the boiler should self-prepared by buyer)
VIII.Safty Instruction
 1.There should be some extinguisher equipped beside the machine. The staff should
well-trained master safty manipulation.
 2.The machine should be switch to low speed when the adhesive is pasted on roller.
 3.The worker should not keep too close to dryer,conduct the web through dryer, or
else may burn himself.
 4.The cables for moters and drivers should be connected by well-trained wireman.
There should be insulated pipe covering outside the cables.
I.Application field of product
 The machine is used for turning all kinds of regenerative cotton into embroidery and make it into roll at a certain length.
IX Usage
The line is used for turning all kinds of recycle cotton into embroidery backing papers and turn it into roll in certain length as required.