Product Description

Basic introduction:

4 colors before printing, 2colors on the back, bright color, better effect, and better black and white.Itis used for flexo graphiclabel printing ofribbon, cotton tape, woven label,nylon tape, paper tape andribbon.

Technical indicators:

1. tape of flexo graphic printing machines
2. it is used for flexo graphiclabel printing ribbon, cotton tape, woven label, nylon tape, paper


1.the printing mechanism of the series is that the inkwill spread evenly on the roller first,from the ink roller, the ink transfer to the printing roller.
2.flexo graphicresin plates will collect the ink andthen press the surface of the direct material.
3.the label will be dried to complete the entire printing process.
4.printing labelcan achieve higher washing fastness by heating the H90 automatic temperature control oven within 3-8 hours of results.
5.colorfastness, strong wash and polish, perfect color registration, different stability of the printing roller.
6.four colors before printing, two on the back, brightcolor, better effect, and print betterin black and white. is used for flexo graphic label printing of ribbon,cotton tape, woven label, nylon tape,paper tape and ribbon.


Model SGS4/2
Printing color Front4+Back2
Maximum print width 150mm
Minimum print length 106mm
Maximum printing length 401mm
Print speed range 0-60m/min
The total power 220v,3.5kw
Overall dimensions (length * width * height) 158*76*188cm
The weight of the 620kg
Roller cylinder Standard 180lpi,also can be customed,such as 150lpi,300lpi and 500lpi,to meet different printing requirement.
Winding diameter 420mm
Put a roll diameter 420mm