Product Description

1. Product use scope:
This machine is specially used for paperboard shaping and adhesive processing after cutting horizontally. Its universality is strong and suitable scope is wide, which can fold and paste various straight seaming box and bottom edging box.

2. Main technical parameter: 


Type of boxex (Amax) (Amin) (Bmax) (Bmin) (Cmin) (Dmin) (Fmin)
 box 700mm 70mm 600mm 110mm 8mm 70mm 51mm


Type of boxex (Amax) (Amin) (Bmax) (Bmin) (Cmin) (Dmin) (Fmin)
 box 700mm 70mm 800mm 110mm 8mm 70mm 51mm

Major technical index

Linear velocity 0~220m/min
Suitable paper quality 220~800g/m² cardpaper
Paste box basic form Both side are folded , both sides are Pre-folded, One-side edge pastes.
Feeding way Automatically and continuously feeding
Adhesive Solute type
Needed power AC220V 3.5 KW
Weight 2100KG
Overall Size 7200×1100(1300)×1300mm
The scope of Count 0~999999
Order name specifications quantity note
1 Control Switch LA10-3H 5A 1 Sino
2 Debuy Switch TPB-2 1 Tiande
3 grinding switch BS211B 2  
4 Limit switch JLXK1-511 1 Tianzheng
5 Button switch XB2BA45 2 Siemens(German)
6 Button switch XB2BA35 3 Schneider(France)
7 Optional switch XB2BD21 1 Schneider(France)
8 Indicator light PL220V φ12-φ12.5  2 ATP
9 contactor 3TH8040 220V 3 Siemens(German)
10 21 terminal blocks TD15-21 21  
11 21 terminal blocks TD15-19 19  
12 transformerBK100  Input 220V output 36V 24V 1 Jindong
13 Rectifier C1010 10A 2  
14 Three-hole socket16A  LB-026 16A 1 Longbang
15 Three-pin plug 10A 1  
16 Air switch 2P16A 1 Delixi
17 Air switch 3P16A 1 Delixi
18 Inverter 3.5kw 1 Schneider(France)