Product Description

Automatic sheet-fed front edge suction for various sheet sizes.
2. Adjustable rollers apply smooth glue coating on the sheet surface.
3. The circulating glue system with temperature controller assures the adequate glue consistency.
4. Conveyor equipped with air-suction system to forward sheet flat and stably.
5. With ball bearing design of feed table, the sheets are conveyed straight-through by pressure system.

Parameter Technical:

Model FSJ-650A FSJ-850A
Sheet thickness 80-200g 80-200g
Sheet cover max width 500MM 700MM
Sheet cover length 100-2000MM 100-2000MM
Production speed 0-40unis/min 0-40unis/min
Power 9KW/380V 9KW/380V
Size of Machine 9KW/380V 9KW/380V
Weight of Machine 850kg 1000kg