Product Description

Basic introduction:

Automatic embossing machine is akind of post-printingequipmentwhich replaces the traditional manual powderprinting process, and isapplicableto poster, greeting card, New Year picture,Christmas card,Local gold powder such as filmgolden onion, embossedsilk screenprinting and various color powder processing;Easy to use, no dustpollution,can improve work efficiency and gold The utilization rate of scallionpowder, and canachieve thousands ofpositions and variable powder pattern,drying, UV lightsolid equipment. Keyparts such as conveyor belt, suction fan,Frequency converter is importedparts; Easy to use andadjust,  steplessadjustment is realized in the wholemachine drive, withhigh durability andstability. Automatic powder feeding Recycling function, automaticdrying and coolingoperation.


1. Imported teflon net belt, nonoise, static electricity, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, stabletransportation;
2. The powder spraying system ofthe powder sprinkling machine is uniformly sprayed, and the powder is even and attachedto the printed matter;
3. Equipped with a color powderrecycling system, the surplus color powder is gently pressed by the rollerbefore drying to make it firm and even;
4. Powder sprinkling - lightpressure of roller - recovery - drying, high efficiency and energy saving completelysolved the problem of uneven artificial powder sprinkling and low efficiency.


Model SFB-800 SFB-100
Max Spray Width 800mm 1000mm
Spray Speed 0-20m/min 0-20m/min
Paper Thickness 1-5mm 1-5mm
Power 380V, 50Hz, 2.2Kw 380V, 50Hz, 2.2Kw
Overall Dimension 2000×1400×1770mm 2000×1600×1770mm
Weight 350kg 380kg